Help Save Sameena's Home and Business

Help Sameena Over The Hump And Save Her Business

My name is John Newland. I have been Scott Gallagher's writer for about 11 years now.  He introduced me to Sameena during Covid and asked me to help when her business came crumbling down on her.  I have been with her the whole journey doing various writing projects to try to help Sameena, some were paid and some were pro-bono. The point is, I’ve been working with her for 18 months, and I’ve seen how everything happened.

The work I did to help her with her landlord, I did for free. Scott gave me clear direction on how to proceed with various writing communications to her landlord regarding the harassment Sameena was tormented with constantly by her landlord all through COVID.

In fact, the harassment started in the first week of May 2020 when Sameena’s landlord refused to accept her rent cheque. This resulted in over 12 months of dealing with her landlord’s harassment and abuse.   

Despite Sameena’s landlord knowing about her medically diagnosed anxiety condition, they continued to harass her and further trigger her anxiety condition. This made it impossible for her to focus on getting her revenue stream back on track. As she shared these moments with me, I could see her diagnosed condition becoming paranoia as she tried to deal with the harassment.  

After Sameena went bankrupt to save herself from eviction the reprisals and harassment from her landlord did not stop. Sameena’s landlord took her to the Landlord and Tenant’s Board for a second time trying to get her evicted for being persistently late with the rent from May 2020 to April 2021, which was partially caused by her landlord refusing to accept Sameena’s rent cheque in May 2020.

Scott represented Sameena at the hearing and won the case for her preventing her from being evicted.

Adding to the stress just before Sameena’s first eviction hearing, her grandmother very suddenly got ill on May 18th, 2021 and was in palliative care before she passed on May 28th, 2021.

On May 28th, Sameena not only lost her grandmother, who she was extremely close to, but 6 hours after her grandmother died, Sameena found out that her best girlfriend Sarah Clarke also very suddenly died, leaving Sameena devasted and grief stricken.

So, Sameena was not only dealing with grieving from two very significant losses, but she was also faced with the possibility of eviction. 

Sarah was also Scott's very dear friend who he knew for over 20 years. Scott was also in shock and numb when he found out that Sarah had very suddenly died. Sarah was like family to Scott, the closest he would call as family given that Scott is not in connection with his family because they are abusive. Sameena came to know Sarah through Scott. 
Prior to Covid, Scott Gallagher had created a number of platforms for Sameena which gave her visibility and attention on her self and helped other people (through her various platforms) get attention and visibility on themselves and on thier passions, and some of her platforms had people talk about what they did for a living or what they wanted to do for a living which helped them get  reasonable amount of attention on themselves where otherwise they would have to spend a lot of money for on advertising elsewhere.  Her studio was an outgrowth of the popular Facebook Streaming show she created with her mentor Scott Gallagher.

People would come into her studio, Sameena would act as the host, and interview the person to bring out their best side, and their true self which is what had them look attractive into the audience they most wanted to reach out to all in front of multiple video cameras. This would be broadcast as a Facebook Live on the person’s Facebook Timeline.  This was done as a free service, which raised the interviewees profile on social media, as well as get them free attention and marketing leverage without having to invest in Facebook ads.​

Some of these people ended up becoming high ticket clients and ended up hiring Sameena (with Scott's guidance and support in the background) for her other higher end services that were also offered through the studio and required in person meetings. And Sameena packaged Scott in all her higher end services increasing the perceived value and it had people who became her paid clients pay her more money all because Scott was part the offer - Whether it was his consultation services, intervention, being part of his 12-Week signature program called Integrity Choices, which Sameena also got trained in to lead this program with her clients on her own, still with Scotts support and guidance in the background. And all of these services were provided in person. 

After broadcasting, many of the interviewees would purchase various consulting services from Sameena with her coach and mentor’s guidance in the back ground in order to help get their business or life on the right path for them.

Sameena’s mentor Scott Gallagher created this business model for Sameena as a pathway to self-sustainability after she suddenly lost her job and her career in 2016. She lost her job right after she stood up for her rights (with Scott's support) for being forced to work unpaid overtime. Losing her job led to a chain of other events which eventually resulted in Sameena having to eventually give up her social work profession entirely in 2017. 

Sameena was in no position to go find a new job and start a new career that involved being in the system based on her deteriorating mental and emotional health. She was unemployable. 

Sameena was devestated over losing the only pathway she knew to making an income. She lost her passion, her purpose going into work everyday knowing she was making a difference with her clients, all of that was gone for her. And to top it all off, she did not know how to sell and she had zero entrepreneurial skills. 

So Scott, and what I know about Scott is his word is everything to him, this is how he lives his life, no matter what the circumstances, he always finds a way to honor his word, which is what he has been doing with Sameena since 2016. 

Scott being in business for himself for over 30 years, took Sameena under his wing and made her is number one focus and passion passion project making her into the solopreneur she is today. 

Prior to COVID, Sameena's business model that Scott created for her was dependent on being able to have people into the studio for their broadcasts. The in-person studio was the most valuable asset that Sameena had to generate paying clients. And people loved the in person connection.

Starting in March 2020, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, face to face meetings in the studio were no longer possible, and her entire studio had to be shut down. During the first lockdown, Sameena lost her highest-paying client, because the contract was to deliver services in person, which she could no longer fulfill because of social distancing laws.

Covid destroyed Sameena’s business model.

Sameena with Scott’s help tried to readjust by moving the studio online (doing broadcasts over zoom), but that did not produce the equivalent value for her prospects. Zero customers came out of it, so she had to quickly scrap that idea.
She found herself in a horrible situation.  No face-to-face meetings meant no customers. No customers meant no income.

Adopting the Booking Process:

From March 2020, Sameena tried a number of things to revive her business. The one that is working the best, like her Facebook Live broadcasts, is based on service.

In June 2020, Scott introduced her to a process called “Booking”. It is a process where 2 people go through a section in the book together, marking the passages in the book with highlighters, where the colors correspond to the type of statement being made in the passage, bringing the book to life and most importantly, bringing the book into the person's life. 

​The whole spirit behind the 'booking' process and why it causes miraculous results, especially when a person is doing it everyday consistently at their most preferrable times, is because the idea is to come on the booking session with the INTENTION to make a difference for the other person through booking in the way we are taught to do it. 

This process was traditionally practiced among people in 12 step programs as part of their Step 12 service. But it turned out to be a very helpful and most powerful and longest lasting meditation process using other books among non-addicts.

Booking served a dual purpose. In addition to an in-depth study of the books, it offers a unique form of human connection as this process is done over zoom instead of in person. By adopting business books, Sameena was able to help many people with their businesses, and I am one of them.
Creating The Business Model

When Sameena says in all her videos to family that there are people that they are  struggling with depression, negative thinking, stress and anxiety, she’s talking about me. I am one of those people.

I am the “poster child” for what the booking program can do. I joined the booking program in May of 2021, and by September my earnings from my own side business increased 10x from $150/month to $1,500/month.

In November 2021, Scott created a business model around booking with the intention that it would turn into a recurring revenue stream for Sameena, making her finally self-sufficient. It’s important to note though that Scott doesn’t get a cut of these recurring revenues. But any clients that do come out of the membership either directly or in directly and want to hire Sameena for any of her other services that is not 'booking', Scott will get a percentage of the profit because he will be part of delivering the service along with Sameena. 

The business is called Get Booked to Book Others.

In order to support the growing number of people booking, a great deal of scheduling and recording infrastructure is required.

Scott and Sameena's goal was to have at least 111 observers in the group by December 12th, and in fact, by December 12 before midnight, they are a total of 120 people in the group, some of them are active members.  Our goal is that we have at least 111 ACTIVE members by April 4th, 2022. So in other words, all these observers are converted into active members. 

The majority of Sameena’s efforts are in gathering new people into the booking process.

Now, for anyone coming into the membership After December 12, are put on a 60 day free trial so they can experience the process, and then after the 60 days expires and they wish to continue, new members will be paying $33/month to be part of this membership. 

See, the problem is that Scott and Sameena have run out of their savings. Government assistance for businesses decimated by Covid have run out. And the rent for the apartment where her businesses is centered is due on January 1,2022.

Over the last 18 months, it has been a constant struggle for Sameena. If it wasn’t landlord triggering and scaring her, it would be one family crisis after another. So Sameena really did not have a chance to get in a positive and consistent momentum in her business.

Regardless of everything Sameena was going through, Scott continued to support her and work with her at her pace, based on everything she was dealing with.

He  put his own business on hold, which is all part of him honoring his word (a whole other story).
It wasn’t until just recently that Sameena realized the constant family interruptions and distractions further triggering her anxiety really cost her, leaving her almost destitute today. And now, she takes responsibility, even for bringing Scott down with her which also explains why he is in the same financial position as her today.

Sameena was able to avoid eviction because of harassment issues. In fact, she is waiting on a court date for her to be heard on all the harassment that I helped document for the court.

So the lateness of rent from May 2020 through April 2021 was really caused by her landlord’s harassment, even though they had been made aware of her condition. They did everything they could to try and trigger her anxiety.

Sameena has a court order that states that if she is even 1 day late in her rent again, eviction is automatic, and there is no recourse. She can’t afford to lose the place because it is the only place where she can continue her work with Scott.

Our Request of You

Which brings us to the purpose of this Go Fund Me. We want to raise money for Sameena’s business expenses to give her that space that she needs to focus on repairing herself without having to worry about hustling to make money.

They have created a sustainable business model that is currently working and it can’t be forced to grow too fast. For that reason, our goal is to raise a total of $22,000. $22,000 would give Sameena eanough time and breathing room to continue building Get Booked to Book Others where it is generating consistent recurring revenue, and so she (and Scott), afterall, this is Scott's creation, so they both can be 100% present with the members/potential prospects, serving them to full capacity without having to worry about money, such as paying mandatory opperational bills, including Admin and management fees to keep this going. Sameena manages this entire membership on her own. 

​The first $5,000 is to pay January’s rent and all the expenses that have and are coming due first week of January. And  there are a couple of larger bills she pays annually, and they also come due in January. And her rent which is both her home and her office is due January 1st. 
Please help us save Sameena’s business and support us in keeping this beautiful work going!


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