Save My Wife Dawn Scrofine (Pookie) From Cancer

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On Thursday July 8th 2021 4:30 am, my beautiful wife of 34 years, Dawn Scrofine-Saunders (Pookie) suffered a seizure for unknown reasons at home. After being taken to the RWJ Barnabas Community Medical Center in Toms River, a routine chest x-ray was done to make sure she had not aspirated into her lungs. During that test a suspicious mass was seen in her lung. After further testing it has been determined that she has developed cancer of the lung, spine & brain. It is a complete mystery as to why this has happened.
Dawn has always lived the most pure life in thought and being with no smoking, rarely has a drink, no risk factors and always got her yearly checkups and mammogram. Her bloodwork is completely normal with nothing suspicious. A pure soul loved by all. While this is devastating, she is fierce, not angry and is ready to fight to stay here with her family and friends.

We cannot say enough good things about the fast/aggressive approach that the Barnabas/Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is doing to expedite treatment. Lung biopsy results are pending but the MRI/Cat Scans show many hot-spots in her brain and full head radiation was to start yesterday afternoon. Chemotherapy for the lung will be next with the possibility of complete removal instead to stop the source,  spine treatment to be determined.
Radiation has been delayed until Monday, which is still early, due to a car accident outside the hospital that took out a pole along with the wires, literally when she was sliding into the machine! You can’t make this stuff up my friends. After being held downstairs because of elevator issues she went back to her room, and in only the way Dawn can do, made light of it by deciding to start the treatment herself, the Italian way with basil leaves on her head. Always smiling, always loving, this is not fair but we are dealing with it. Thank you to the Beachwood Police Department and The Beachwood Volunteer First Aid Squad  for their fast response, the medics, as well as all of the staff in the hospital, it is much appreciated.

While we do have insurance, a huge amount will not be covered so I created this donation site, if you can help, please do.
Please share this fundraiser and pray for my Pookie.



Thank you, please hug your wife and family.

James Saunders, Karleigh, Vincent & Emily

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More info and videos posted on my FB page here >>>

On 7/12/21 Pookie received her 1st radiation treatment of the brain, now every day for 2 weeks with weekends off before next phase.

1st treatment as an outpatient today. Released and back home with her family and kitties. 3 Done!
Tomorrow will be brain radiation in conjunction with spine. They prep targeted area of spine with permanent small tatoos to zap those mother friggers to hell! Setting up a pet scan to get clear picture of where else she needs to be treated in her body. There are more areas of concern but they are working HARD to save her!
She is in good spirits, happy to be home and thanks all of you for your love and support! All she does is smile

The Strength and courage! What more can I say?
Day 5 of brain radiation and day one of spine. I believe chemotherapy can begin after end of brain radiation which should conclude next Friday. My understanding is that cannot be started until brain radiation is complete BUT can be done in conjunction with the spine. It's a bit overwhelming so we try to ask questions as needed.
Today went well, on time so less stress but best part for Pookie is 2 days of well deserved rest has started. Back to the survival grind on Monday.
Give her the encouragement she needs!

When our children were born 23 & 20 years ago Pookie was way ahead of the curve and decided to save the cord blood from all of them. It has been Cryo-Stored since then.
This MAY help her IF it is discovered that she has a certain defect in her genes. Discussions about this are at an early stage as we await her gene study results. Pookie may have helped save her own life 23 years ago because we all know, well, she is the Pookmeister General!
Save your cord blood people, it is the best future insurance policy for your family.
Don't Count Pookie Out Yet!
Here is a little info <<<< Please Share. Much Of This Is Experimental And Expensive! Please Share And Donate To Keep Pookie Here. We All Need Her More Than We Know!

Thank you all so much for your generosity and continued support!  While it is not possible to thank everyone individually at this time, you have managed to touch our hearts!

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