Elderly 78yo Mum & 84yo Dad Disabled son need help

 WE ARE IN NEED OF DESPERATE HELP PLEASE ( If you are in a position to help us please donate and help us with our decades long struggles and family health issues.Alison went onto Charlie Gardner with a stroke on the 5th and is still there under care please help my mum and dad they really are struggling so hard.

Please read updates - This funding will be used For his recovery and to help with his quality of life after the operation. He still has a mortgage of 70'000 - A 2002 vehicle that's falling apart and needs replacing for reliably for their safety of not getting stranded anywhere and a house that needs painting, cleaning and fixing due to old age mistakes and accidents that damaged things and because we all are unable to function because of health issues has become very dirty etc  So please know now that any donation will go towards that and his TAVI operation has and now will be covered by the hospital Due to the critical condition he's in. Thanks Everyone just letting you all know. Any help that anyone still provides is appreciated greatly as adding everything all together and being to old to get a loan etc him and his wife 78yo Alison and me his disabled son 45yo it's impossible to get out of the pit so to speak of continuous hardship as family does not really help as my mothers side has none over here and dads side provide very little help so if you are in a position to plesse help Malvern & Alison please consider donating. But great news is the TAVI is no longer a issue and its going to be done soon so it will save his life. We also need to have our 3 year old girl spayed and a biopsy because her last nipple is turning black and vet wants 1800 to do all as well as register and chip the bullarab pup. Please Excuse any spelling errors my eyesight is not the best and spellcheck keeps putting senosis instead of stenosis.  Thank you ,Please Give A small Donation to help change the direction of Alison and Malverns Lives to be a little less hardship as it has been continuing for way to long. My Mother Alison Had a SS at one stage that was her pride and joy and she was front ended that wrote the car off and she almost died we are lucky she's still with us but she has always blamed herself for the car she lost and insurance gave her almost nothing back so she had to buy a very 2nd hand car it would be great to see her smile again one day and surprise her with a new car and help. We are in desperate need of help and the world is the only place we have to turn to. Plesse help us World we beg you from the bottom of our hearts. 

All we need to do is to share this fund raiser for Malverns Tavi ( Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement ) heart Valve procedure to 40'000 people that can donate $1 each if you can please find it in your heart to share this as much as possible with your social media My Family and myself would be so grateful for helping.

The cost of procedure for TAVI was $64,192 including an index hospitalisation cost of $24,328 and $33,348 for the prosthesis. The hospital cost for TAVI was assumed proportional based on TAVI/SAVR length of stay ratio of 1:2 derived from an unpublished data set from Western Australia presented by Yong

We were told by Fiona Stanley Hospital that it would cost  from 30-40k so we are trying to cover 40k . You can call the hospital yourself and ask on (08) 6152 2222 and get put through to someone who can tell you the price estimate.  Please help us. 

When you read this can you donate 1 or 2 or maybe 5 dollars please as its a small amount to donate and it all will help if you are in a position to help us more then please do as the quicker we can complete the fund-raiser the sooner dad can have his Aortic valve Replacment procedure (TAVI) Open heart surgery will kill him. Please also share this to everyone you can to help us save my Dad please.

 Hi everyone I don't know where to start tbh but my life story is unimportant just know my family lives with great hardship financial and health wise. My father has been diagnosed with Aortic stenosis. He's such a loving a great man. He wants nothing but the best for me his son and his wife. We struggle with everyday on how to make ends meet and dad went into hospital a few days ago ( hes home now thank God but with Congestive Heart Failure:(. His Atoric stenosis is late stage and they won't give a TAVI procedure because of there is only two doctors in Western Australia that perform the procedure. I was told this by the head doctor at fiona Stanley hospital. Dad needs his operation and he will be put on a waiting list but they said that it will be a long wait because there is only two doctors that do it .. My mother 78 is so lost with everything and being so old and myself disabled and diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure and Copd aswel as Atrial Fibleration in 2019 im not much a help as im bed ridden all the time - don't get me wrong I do everything I can and try and help everyday with what I can . It's just so hard we have very few immediate family members that ever help  and we always struggle but somehow manage pulling together as one unit. Dad is so caring and such a great man I would give everything I can and myself to help him but I don't know how to as being bedridden and having all these issues myself I can't do much physically but I always remain in debt with afterpay or zippay to help and do what we need. We need your help kind people of this world please we beg of you from the most deepest parts of our heart and soul. Please help us raise the money for a Atoric heart Valve replacment I know everyone struggles and if I could and had the means I would heal the world in a blink of a eye , I would even take all the worlds pain into me just for the world to becomeon of just love where we all treat each other as family as we really all are being all connected to the same life-force energies.My Father Malvern Keith White is an amazing father he struggles so hard with old age and he really just keeps trying so hard to do what he can.i Mean for gods sake he asks if im ok when he's in a very bad situation and just says he does not want to upset me or mum. He has a true heart of amazing kindness. He's my father my best friend and he's my gaming buddy yes believe it or not he's right into his fallout76 when he can enjoy it without feeling to off with his health. and he is now level 400 lol so he's been loving the game for years and we have created such a bond gaming together. I would give anything to be able to pay for the operation but im on job seeker allowance and im disabled on a bed in life with to many issues to list and now medication has ruined my eye sight with side effects so its not as easy to enjoy games anymore. I love my family so much just like everyone knows no one loves you more then your parents and its so true. I am on my knees and begging each and everyone of you world wide please help my mum and dad with helping us raise money for the TAVI procedure and give us more time with him. We have nothing our car is falling apart - the house is the same because we just can't keep up i beg you with such emotional and hope please just donate a few dollars if you can and share this so many people can see it and help if they are in a position to we only need 40'000 people to donate 1 dollar and you could change the life of a beautiful caring and loving father that's already been through so much i beg you world and I don't like asking for anything of anyone but Me Anthony White and My mother Alison White Beg you to find compassion and help us out with this - we never have anything go right and atm we need to do A lot of things with pet health etc but all is on hold as Dad is priority everything else besides helping him get his heath back is not important anymore even my co-morbidities i beg you with everything in my and tears in my eyes please world please help us - please excuse the text repeating as I don't know why it has? below are photos of my family and hospital discharge papers etc. 

Anthony White . 


Anthony William White 
Lynwood WA

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