Help Sarah join in with family activities

Hi, my name is Dan and I am fundraising for my partner Sarah.

Sarah turned 41 in April. She is currently a stay at home mum, she has one son Colby, who is 8 and is step-mum to my daughters Freya, who is also 8, and Amelia who is 6 and lives with us. Sarah is a stay at home mum due to her complex health needs. She lost her job in 2019 whilst fighting stage 3c breast cancer. Luckily she is now in remission from the cancer, unfortunately her complex needs however are getting worse.

Sarah suffers from Fibromyalgia, CFS, Joint Hyper-mobility Syndrome, Cardiotoxic Cardiomyopathy (caused by the chemotherapy, this makes it difficult for her to walk long distances as her heart beats too fast if not medicated), she has a recurrent knee cap dislocation, for which she is waiting complicated surgery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which has been operated on once already) and arthritis in both wrists, problems with her shoulders due to using crutches, various allergies, Anxiety Disorder, Migraines, Chronic Tension Headache, vision and hearing problems and so much more. Sarah takes upwards of 30 tablets a day to enable her to go about her day.

I work full time at a busy hospital, so Sarah is left alone with the children a lot. 

Sarah funded a wheelchair from money left to her by her Grandma, however, it is not up to the wear and tear of Sarah’s life. The wheelchair uses a full battery on every school run, she has been tipped out of it several times when on an uneven surface (once into a nettle bush where the chair was on top of her, causing severe pain and skin trauma which took days to heal, and once onto a busy main road). Sarah is unable to join myself and our children on walks, we like to go geocaching, unfortunately we leave Sarah behind in the car, and she drives to meet us. The children love going to the park, for walks along the river, on to the beach, through the woods, on bike rides and so much more, but unfortunately she cannot join in with any of this. The chair she currently has also weighs a fair bit and is fairly bulky to lift, this means she is stuck on local journeys unless I or another person are with her.

After extensive research, Sarah found the Trekinetic GTE. This is the perfect chair for Sarah. It has capability of being on the beach, on uneven surfaces, being light weight for Sarah to lift in and out of the car, it is more supportive for Sarah and will not cause her the pain she currently gets sitting in her chair. I have included the link for the chair she is wanting. As you will see, it’s an amazing chair, but is very expensive. Sarah knows a young man who has one of these chairs and his mum sings it’s praises.

Please, please, please can you help us raise the money to help Sarah gain some freedom by helping to fund this chair. If you cannot donate could you please share this link far and wide.

Thank you in advance,

Dan, Sarah and family.


  • Naomi Wheeler 
    • £10 
    • 8 mos
  • Jesse Sene-lefao 
    • £30 
    • 8 mos
  • laura de freitas 
    • £10 
    • 9 mos
  • Frank Waudby 
    • £100 
    • 9 mos
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