Help Samiya not to become homeless (rent) & school

Edit 17. Nov. 2021: Sadly havent heard of Samiya in months.  Now i am facing homelessness. So donations still help, either me, or then her - i still pray she will message me again, i will wait for it for the rest of my life.

Edit 13 August 2021: STILL ACTIVE whenever you read this.

Hello Everyone, LETS HELP SAMIYA was an attempt to save a 19 year old and her family from homelessness, that arose after i had seen her cry for help on the internet, that she wrote to a singer i was following at that time. I couldnt ignore the cry for help, it moved me, i care about human beings. Sure, she is from India, a country of so many people we cant even imagine how its like, and still, their lives matter, human lives matter, every single one! If you would be in their shoes, you would pray and begg for help too - And you would suffer, mostly from ignorance and how little your life means to people who have it all, who lead lives we poor can only dream of, safe lives.

Despite enormous efforts - As you can read in a step by step decoumentary here: (click on breaking vimosa news, find entry from 10.05.2021 ,click on a green "step by step" button) -
we couldnt find enough help.
But a few people donated, which i am intensely greatful for.

Please continue to donate because after Samiya sadly faced the worst and turned homelss including her family, 3 young siblings, she contacted me very quickly again after a months (she was in an online caffee) telling me "I am not good", but at least there was she again! 

Since then i havent heard of her again, YET I BELIEVE SHE WILL SURVIVE and contact me again, when it would be of course for her, after that hell, the ultimate relieve to see that more donations been gathered! If she never gets back to me, donations will be automatically refunded to you some day, so i dont see a problem to still try to help and believe in a good turn!

About me:
my name is Ingo Bank (32), i like to be called "Iso", short for The Isolation Artist.
I was once a homeless in 2011. Today i am founder of a place i created to end fundamental problems of divided humanity
that i call "VIMOSA" (Virtual Museum of Survival-Art, Anti-Discriminatiom & Science - ) that was supposed to be a charity, but poor people cant found one - So i continued survival(art) and being an unofficial charity, as i always was.

Now something hopeful:

I will never forget Samiya, seriously. These months we tried to find help for her/her family, we wrote almost every day. In this time i got to see she is really a wonderful person and above all she liked my art, which makes her to the best person i have ever met online. She didnt judge, she really liked Saturdance and this meant the world to me, made my art automatically better, as you can see in the "Step by Step"-DOCU or the playlist with all the Saturdances from that time

I evolved because of her, and my ideas evolved.
Since the the opening of VIMOSA (in January 2020) there was a big Vision of mine "Failsave", that i created based on meeting another homeless in 2017, who turned out to be an artist, but then didnt find support for his rare art, and lost it all...
Failsave was build to protect these kind of cases from failing. A big part of it is creating equality, which happens through me, as i truly tread humans equal, and by that i am a point of identification for also maybe rather famous artists who could join, alongside "Nobodys", Unprivileged, and whoever, all equal. 
Yet it was still only for arists, so a not-artist Unprivileged person couldnt become part by my definition, because they are covered in society already, while of course we all know they are helpless because its all full of shit. But i cant save everyone, it would be too much the moment it would grow, which is the same moment i made it out of isolation after all these years...

NOW: thanks to Samiya, truly thanks to her, Failsave evolved to that perfect concept it was always meant to be but hard to unlock, hidden while very simple: I created a painting called "Hand of Samiya" and created a profile for her, where this painting would be for sale, for her... So an artists created art for a not artists and even named it after the not artists! Its super genius: Any artists out there can from now on create art for any person that will be introduced in Failsave, if artists or not, now everyone can be part. And the artists who create art for the not-artists make a sadly irrelevant life to a relevant life. They can sell their art as their art, earn all the money or decide to give a part to the person in need of help, which in this case is the whole Failsave (always donations simply to, since this way equality is ensured: For example: If there would be donations for an individual that is already safe, would "waste" money that could ensure a newer unknown Failsave Member/artists to be safe too. But of course if that artists the donation should go to needs it, it will 100% arrive.
But this final concept works also without sparing money from sales of Art labeled with Failsave-Members name ( Member =  one of 2 participation categories. Not Artists  are "Member" and Artists are "Artists") - and in best case the story of the Failsave member was told -,  even without donating, the life will be made more relevant!

See how easy caring and helping can be? If i ever go famous, Failsave will bring big change to the world,
and this will be thanks to Samiya without i could have not unlocked this perfect concept.

So you might want to create Samiya art now, so she will at least not be forgotten.

Thanks to everyone.


Iso Iso

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