Stop RSPCA destroying Lola the Paralysed Kitten

Hello from Lola, it’s wonderful to meet you all!!  ❤️❤️❤️

My story is about how the treatment I had from the charity vet, the PDSA, caused me such severe injuries that I needed life-saving surgery. Then, after taking over £700 from my mum, they called the RSPCA to my home to remove and destroy me. 

This all happened following an accident on Easter Saturday, which broke my tail and paralysed my back legs. The emergency vet found sensation in my right back leg which gave my mum some hope that I might recover and be able to walk again.

I was registered with the PDSA, who treated me for a month. From the beginning, they wanted me euthanized, saying that I had no quality of life. They refused to find any sensation in my leg, saying that I’d deteriorated. Mum said NO WAY will my Lola be destroyed!! She told them that I needed time to heal but even if I couldn’t walk again, she loves me just as much as ever, as I’m still the same adorable, feisty, love bucket Lola!  But at each visit, the head vet pressurised Mum to have me euthanized. Mum is autistic and begged her to stop, because it was making her feel very anxious and ill, when she needed her energy to care for me.  But the head vet didn't care about me or Mum and continued the bullying. 

On my very first visit, they tied a bandage round my tail to keep it clean from poop. It was far too tight and Mum questioned this, but they said it was fine. They left it on until if fell off by itself, after 3 weeks, because my tail had shrunk. This was because the bandage had cut off all circulation to my tail. At the base, there was a horrible deep weal where the bandage had been, the skin was very dark red around the outside and almost white in the centre. The head vet saw this and said nothing. 2 days later, whilst washing me, Mum was horrified to see 2 inches of exposed tailbone! My tail had necrotised and my flesh and skin had rotted away.

Mum rushed me to the PDSA. When the head vet saw the exposed bone, she tried convincing Mum that she was to blame! She said that it had been a urine scald that Mum hadn’t washed properly and I would now get sepsis and die!! Mum just told her to amputate my tail immediately. The vet replied that, due to the necrosis, she would have to remove my tail very low down, causing even further extensive nerve damage to my spine. She thought that would make Mum agree to have me destroyed, but she was wrong!

The vet left the room and sent in a nurse, who told Mum that the stench of my sepsis (which I didn’t have!) filled the room and she’d never seen anything so bad or disgusting as my tail. Mum told her that I did not have sepsis and to leave the room. When the head vet returned, Mum told her to amputate my tail NOW and make sure that nothing bad happened to me.

After surgery, Mum asked for antibiotics and was told that they weren’t necessary. This surprised her as I’d been ill for the whole month with a nasty bladder infection with blood in my urine. They hadn't treated me properly for this because they were intent on having me destroyed.

3 days later, when we returned for my check-up, the head vet was unusually nice and helpful. She even offered to send my x-rays to my chiropractic and gave Mum her email address. Mum thought this sudden change of attitude very odd, but we were given another appointment to remove my stitches and returned home feeling more positive.

That evening, there was loud hammering at our door. Mum opened it to find an RSPCA inspector outside. She wouldn’t allow Mum to speak but started shouting at her that she was there to remove me for immediate euthanizing and Mum must hand me over to her. She said the PDSA had made an emergency call because I was in such pain, suffering and distress. She told Mum that the Police were on their way to forcibly remove me and that Mum had committed a criminal offence by allowing an animal to suffer.

But when Mum allowed her to see me, the inspector immediately changed her attitude. She saw how happy and well-cared for I am, so she allowed Mum the next day to find a different veterinarian. But if we didn’t find a vet by 4pm, she’d return with the Police.

Happily Mum found a great new private vet, and was present when she phoned the RSPCA to tell them that I wasn’t in any pain, suffering or distress and behaving like a normal cat.  Phew!!

However, when the vet examined me, she found that I was massively swollen around my rear area and legs. I also had a very high fever. The infection was so bad that she couldn’t even tell its source or if there was more than one infection! Mum told her that the PDSA hadn’t given me any antibiotics following surgery and she was very shocked. She said that every vet knows it is vital to give strong antibiotics post surgery, especially as I was already infected when I went into surgery! It took 3 weeks for me to recover. Mum was so upset that the PDSA had caused me yet more suffering. It felt like the head vet had a vendetta against us and that they wanted me dead at all costs.

My mum is a disabled pensioner on a very low income and is unable to work. The PDSA fees used up all her savings and she’s needed to take out loans to cover vet visits, medications and all the special new things that I now need, with lots more to buy, such as custom-fitted panties and clothes for outdoors to keep me clean and safe..

I’ve had some physiotherapy, chiropractic and laser treatments which are great, as they make my legs feel more comfortable. They can help to heal my damaged nerves and ease the rigidity in my back legs. Mum wants to continue with these but doesn’t have the money to pay for them.

 I’m still under threat as the RSPCA are continuing to monitor me, via my new vet, to check if sensation and movement has returned to my legs. They told me that, just like the PDSA, they don’t believe that paraplegic kitties like me have any quality of life and must be euthanized.

It’s not right or fair that the PDSA and RSPCA have seemingly unlimited powers over vulnerable, low-income pet owners and the lives of their special furry babies.

Any help you can give would be soooo much appreciated! Even if it’s just sharing my story, as that will help to warn others about the potential dangers facing special cats in the UK - and to avoid the PDSA at all costs! 

Thank you for reading my story, Love and huge purrrrs from Lola  ❤️❤️❤️XXX

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Ruth Piazzon 
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