Help Olive Pit's Immune System

Hello, loved ones,

This is Emma on behalf of Derek and Olive. As some of you are aware, Olive has fallen ill. A few days after a routine vet appointment on Valentine's Day, she showed signs of GI distress. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis and given medicine to treat it; antacids, a bland diet and lots of love.

One week later to the day, she was behaving strangely again, weak and pale. After returning to the Veterinary Emergency Group, they did blood tests and an ultrasound to discover she was having an acute life-threatening immune response-- it's called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. Essentially her immune system is attacking her red blood cells. She was transferred to the VERGE Animal Hospital and admitted. She was given a blood transfusion with the best match of blood they could find and her body rejected it sending her red blood cell count to 18% and her Bilirubin levels to a dangerous high, as high as their machines monitor. At that level, neurological impairment can begin. Luckily she has otherwise remained stable but is severely jaundiced and weak.

Upon this news of her state, the doctors suggested the only treatment that could help her is a Therapeutic Plasma Exchange-- a kind of dialysis only available at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. Until her immune system regulates and stops attacking itself, this is her only chance at remaining stable enough to let the immunosuppressants do their work.

This has been sudden and devastating as Olive is a resilient, happy and strong girl. She is only 7 years old and if you have had the gift of meeting her, you know she is vibrant and perfect as can be.

The cost to keep her stable is large and even with pet insurance, the remaining amount is one that cannot be burdened without assistance.

So, we are calling on our chosen family, our beloved community to help support this endeavor to give Olive the best shot at remission. Once she is stable on her immunosuppressants and past this vital moment of need she will be in the clear to come home.

Please give what you can and send it to anyone you may know with a loving, generous heart.

We love you as we love Olive and thank you in advance for anything you can give.

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