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Greetings Friends!
We are Lucretia and Khalid, a mom and dad, an herbalist and visual artist, and caretakers of our place of peace on Earth. We thank you for being here and supporting our efforts to live intentionally, sharing herbs and arts with our community.
UPDATE: February 23, 2023

WHEW! Quite a bit has changed since we first launched this campaign. We’ve been able to acquire many of the materials on our initial list thanks to sales from our herbs and arts businesses and your generosity. We still have plenty of ongoing projects, along with some new ones since a reality tv show visited our land in October.

Yep, you read that right. The folks from Homestead Rescue were at our land recently and it was a whirlwind of an experience. We started a Patreon account to better share the ongoing happenings as we continue growing our solar and rain-powered homestead from scratch. Join us on Patreon

Our episode aired on March 7 and is available on Discovery channel and on YouTube (for $3). You can see us in the trailer here. Purchase the full episode and watch Bus, Sweat and Tears

One of the things we appreciate about the show, in general, is that it’s not about makeovers; the idea is to make improvements to the situation that help the homesteaders continue from a better place. The work continues after the crew leaves and we’ve been enjoying the resolution of previous challenges and learning how to resolve the new ones.

Here’s an updated list of current projects. We’re happy to have your one-time gift here, and also appreciate the support of your ongoing interest over at Patreon.

1. Propane refills 20/40 (lb tanks): $21/42
*** Last year we were using two propane heaters. We did purchase two 40 lb tanks; the 100 lb tanks were too cumbersome for transport and handling. Thankfully, we’ve only needed half the propane we were using last winter. It’s still a necessity for supplemental heat and our propane camp stove.

2. Gravel for driveway and parking: $650
*** We did end up with an extended driveway. We added a layer of gravel after the crew left, and after lots of rain, it’s apparent we need to add another layer.

3. Jackery 2000 pro with 200w panel: $2800
*** Last year we purchased the 1000w with another 100w panel. This has been working great alongside the other Jackery batteries for running our small fridge and charging lights, laptops, and phones. We are planning to get a larger fridge and need more power for rainy days and charging tools.

4. Fill Dirt: $400
*** One of our new challenges since the show is a hole that was dug that is filling with water (where we don’t want that to happen) and now needs to be drained and filled back in with dirt. We purchased a water pump to drain and redirect the water for now; there might be a small pond in the near future.

5. Wool Insulation: $750
*** The cabin and woodstove we received on the show are huge blessings. The roof is solid and the chinking is in pretty good shape. Once we finish repairing the chinking and insulating the roof, we won't need to use propane for heating. Benefits of wool insulation.

6. Well: $7000
*** There has been a new development in this area. We’ll keep you posted on that as it happens.

Thanks so much for reading this far. We’re excited to continue on this homesteading journey and hope you’ll join us over at Patreon and YouTube for updates, videos and chats about our progress and experiences.
Much love!
Lucretia, Khalid, and Kiyoshi

Everything below this line is from the beginning of our first year in the bus. We wanted to leave it here in gratitude for the folks that donated.

***Check out this short tour of our water collection.***

Below you’ll find our wish list to help us build and maintain the infrastructure necessary for full time living and hosting at The Land. Some items are one-time costs, some are ongoing.
We’ve been investing in this project since we signed the papers in August 2019. After our initial cash deposit, the land itself is financed by a local bank. We make monthly payments, pay yearly property taxes, and our tools are paid for out of pocket when we can afford to do so. Labor has been contributed by the two of us and some friends along the way.
What we have done so far:
  • 100 ft driveway with culvert
  • Solar ‘generators’ (all in one battery/inverters fueled by solar panels)
  • 12v refrigerator
  • propane heaters
  • propane tanks
  • battery powered tools
  • (5) 275 gallon water tanks
  • 35ft schoolbus
  • cargo van/guest house
  • over 30 medicinal plants
  • 2 wildflower beds
  • outdoor shower
In addition to the infrastructure listed above, we've been clearing paths, putting in wildflowers and other medicinal plants, setting up rain catchment and hosting friends and travelers wanting connection to the outdoors and a chill place to park and be. 
All forms of donation are welcomed. If you can provide the materials listed below, we’re happy to receive them. Monetary gifts will be used for these daily and long term projects,
1. Propane tank 20/40/100 lb : $55/140/210
2. Propane refill 20/40/100 : $21/42/105
*** Winter is coming. We have three 20lb and one 11lb tank. Using the tanks for heat and cooking, in current conditions, these last about 2 days each before needing to be refilled. Having larger tanks means less refilling and less chance of running out during winter shortages.
3. Gravel to extend driveway and parking area (100ft) : $600
*** We had a driveway with culvert pipe installed by a local builder. We would like to extend this to allow for more visitors and parking. We'll be spreading the gravel ourselves, a great stewardship exchange opportunity if you’re into wheelbarrows and gravel rakes! Check out the video below for more details.
4. Jackery 1000 + (2) 100 watt solar panels : $1500
5. Jackery 1500 + (4) 100 watt panels : $2600
*** We’ve invested in smaller batteries to power our refrigerator and charge lights and other electronics. These larger versions would allow us to charge our battery powered tools, a growing need as we are here doing work more regularly.
6. Straw for compost bin and gardens : $5-8 per bale
*** We are just about finished with our first compost bin. Straw will be an ongoing need.
(See updates, we're onto our third bin now!)
7. Metal roofing for rain catchment : $90 per 6x8 roof
*** We started with tarp catchment and a Berkey water purifier for drinking and cooking water. For bathing and watering the garden we’d like to upgrade to metal. If you have surplus corrugated metal roofing, or some other roofing material like bamboo, to share, let us know!
8. 8x10 metal shed : $400
*** This shed would provide space to dry herbs and protect tools and supplies.
(See our updates for more details!)
9. Building materials for A-frame : $1500
10. Labor for A-frame : $1500
*** We found some cool plans for a ‘transforming A’ frame and a neighbor quoted us the above costs to build it. We would love to work and learn with someone to do most of the work ourselves.
(Deek Diedrickson, Transforming A)
11. Well : $7000
*** Direct access to potable water is an important factor in our homestead journey. Large projects like this are goals we’re working towards in the long term.
Are you still reading? You're awesome!
We are doing our best to be the change we want to see; your investment helps that happen and puts your coins into places that inspire you. In addition to the free instructional videos we provide to all, here’s what you will receive as a supporter of our work:
$5-99 = You rock! We'll send you links to private videos of our progress and invites to live paintings and workshops, herbal medicine how-to’s and Q & A sessions.
$100 - 499 = Sweet! All of the above, PLUS a personal thank you video and a gift box with samples of our herbs and arts.
$500 - 999 = What?! Ok! All of the above, PLUS host you for a night at the land.
$1000+ = I know that's right! All of the above, PLUS one night to yourself.
Thanks so much for taking time to see what we're up to! Check back often for updates and videos highlighting our progress. Follow us on Instagram (@off_gridish) and on YouTube (Off Gridish). Contact us with questions, suggestions, and encouragement.
Plant Love and Oneness!


Lucretia Lukaya
Washington D.C., DC

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