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Help Nicole Fight till Cancer-Free 幫Nicole戰鬥直到癌症消滅

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Dear Friends and Family,

This endeavor is for our beloved sister, Nicole. For those of you who know Nicole, she has given her life to the Lord as an intercessory missionary for the past 8 years. She has travelled all over to preach on End Times, Intimacy, and Israel. Her message has brought so much awakening to the Chinese world, and many have been blessed by her life and ministry. She founded the Chinese Forerunner program at IHOPU 7 years ago and have trained numerous Chinese believers from all over the world. Throughout the process, she published two books, 『末世新婦八部曲』(Song of Songs – Enter into God’s Emotion through Jewish Betrothal),『末世華人命定』(End Time Calling for the Chinese). The Lord also used her 3 series of teaching on Good TV to equip and train Chinese all over the world. Last year, the Lord used Nicole to be a key connection for both IHOPKC (24/7 prayer movement) and Watchmen (Homecoming movement) to bring forth Convergence Gathering at IHOPKC. This gathering has not only blessed IHOPKC family, it has extended deep impact to the global family and beyond. On top of her teaching endeavor, she is also a faithful intercessor for Israel, and her online class on Israel has attracted the largest crowd for IHOPKC’s online class history. What Nicole has done has no doubt, cause tremendous destruction to the enemy’s camp. And it is almost not a surprise that she has faced severe spiritual attacks.

Last April, after Nicole was first diagnosed with cancer, she came to Canada for a meeting and then went minister in Montreal. I was in Montreal with her, and one day, she broke down in tears and said she hope I can be with her to meet with her surgeon to prepare for her surgery. Since then, I have been the 1st witness of her very dramatic healing journey. As some people know that her 3 scheduled surgeries were all canceled. The 3rd scheduled surgery was last July. I accompany Nicole to fly to Taiwan in June, yet to our greatest surprise, after all the testing and preparation, the surgeon canceled her surgery because they suspect the cancer metastasize to her liver. Started from then, I have to say that she has been on a roller coaster ride. Although she carefully sought the Lord before taking any step, it just seemed that her condition did not get better with any of the treatment trusted friends recommended her. As a result, she was in China, Taiwan, Texas, and different places to seek “healing”. There were many ups and downs, sharp turns and even U-turns in this journey. I accompanied her to almost everywhere, and have to honestly say that I could not see when this terrifying ride is going to end.

This summer, as Nicole returned from Asia to Kansas City, she felt a strong conviction that she was going to stay “home” for a while. The community was quite compassionate toward her needs, and she has been having people coming to her house to do TKM on her almost every day. Although TKM is a very good naturopathic treatment, her tumor seemed to continue to grow very aggressively. She has been experiencing on-going pain and sleepless nights. Her health seemed to have a real drastic DROP since September and she often lost her voice (basically no energy to talk). And it came to a point that she was no longer able to drive and perform normal daily routines by herself. As I came from Vancouver to visit her again in September, I was very shocked by this dramatic drop. At that point, I began to doubt if I am going to lose her soon. Though facing my own fear, I felt it was necessary to process this with her. To my greatest surprise, Nicole took it extremely well. She was not afraid to die. In fact, she was so resolved in her heart, and she knows she can rest in the good hands of Father with any possible conditions and results.

Right after she felt resolved in her heart, the Lord used Kenneth Haigin’s teaching on healing to awaken her heart. And she realized the Lord never send any diseases to people, so diseases were definitely the work of the enemy. Therefore, she seemed to get steaming with fierce to fight against this demonic attack. I believe this became her real turning point. She said she is not going to give in but will fight till the end.

Meanwhile, I am so thankful to witness that our Abba Father has been lavishing His love through His family all around to support Nicole. There are two communities I want to mention especially. One is my own family in Vancouver (Church of Zion and my own household) that released me to walk with Nicole for the past one year and eight months. The other one is Nicole’s IHOPKC family, they called a 21 days nonstop prayers from Oct 14, which strongly encouraged her from her home base. Right around this time, Nicole’s naturopath doctor recommended Nicole to see a surgeon in California. Nicole excitedly found out that she is a spirit filled doctor. She even prayed for Nicole’s case and was led by Holy Spirit to seek out new treatment plan. Also, the Lord brought another spirit filled doctor Dr. Lim (Harvard doctor) to extend his communication with the doctor in California and will oversee this new treatment plan for Nicole. So as for right now, Nicole will have 2 surgical processes. First on 11/25, the 2nd on 12/9. Both will be done in San Diego, California.

Nicole’s current insurance with IHOPKC only covers medical procedures done at Truman Center (Kansas City). Therefore, all her expenses on imaging (CT, MRI, Biopsy, and etc.), naturopath (high dosage C and mistletoe), TKM, care givers, and future surgical procedure, wound specialist expenses, will all be paid out of her own pocket. Nicole said she is very grateful that many have extended their care and some even gave financial support since her sickness. As she has already spent quite a bit of money throughout the journey, and the initial surgical processes in San Diego will cost approximately $50,000. That is only the initial, and there will be follow up surgery, treatments, so some of us came together and decide to do fund raising via “Go fund me” for Nicole. We want to see her step forward on this healing journey without having to carry a heavy financial burden. So we will have her friend Jenny Huang to take care of “Go fund me” project. If you have any problem during donating in this platform, please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny at [email redacted]. If you prefer to make offerings via other ways, you can contact Nicole’s spiritual daughter Allen King ([email redacted], wechat: ak1613).

Nicole said that she is very thankful that MANY from all over the world have already committed to pray, and given financially. I want to encourage us all to continue sowing into her life at this critical moment. You may do so by passing this request to your circle of influence. Let’s together bring this roller coaster ride to an end. And bottom line, we join hearts with the same desire that we want to see Jesus continue being lifted up through Nicole’s life.

Joylynn and Nicole's support family


我們想要為我們摯愛的Nicole姐妹籌款。認識Nicole的人知道,在過去的八年中,她以代禱宣教士的方式將生命獻給了神。她在各處宣講《末世》,《與神的親密關係》和《以色列》相關信息。她的信息給華人世界帶來了極大的覺醒,她的生命和服事也給華人世界帶來了許多祝福。七年前她在IHOPU創立了中文先鋒學校,至今已經訓練了無數各地來到華人 。在這過程中,她出版了兩本書《末世新婦八部曲》,《末世華人命定》。神也使用她在台灣好消息電視台錄製的三個系列的教導來裝備和培訓世界各地的華人。去年,2018年,Nicole作為IHOPKC國際禱告殿(24/7禱告運動)和Watchmen萬國守望者(回家運動)當中關鍵的連結,促成了在IHOPKC舉行的”匯聚”聚集。這次的聚集不僅祝福到IHOPKC家庭,而且對全球基督家人也產生了深遠的影響。除了她的教學之外,她也是以色列的忠心代禱者,她所教導的關於以色列的網路在線課程吸引了IHOPKC網絡課程歷史上最多的學生。Nicole的所作所為無疑會給仇敵的陣營造成巨大破壞,以至於她所遭受的嚴重屬靈攻擊也就不是意外。

去年四月,Nicole首次診斷出癌症後,她來到加拿大開會,然後到了Montreal 服事,我和她一起。有一天,她哭了,說希望我能和她一起去見她的外科醫生為手術做準備。從那時起,我一直是她經歷戲劇性醫治過程的第一位見證者。一些人知道,她的三次已定的手術都被取消。原本預定的第三次手術是去年七月。六月份我陪著Nicole飛往台灣,但令我們驚訝的是,在進行了所有測試和準備後,醫生取消了手術,因為他們懷疑癌症已轉移到了她的肝臟。從那時開始,我不得不說她一直在坐過山車。儘管她在做任何治療之前都先後向主尋求指引,但她的情況似乎並沒有因著做了朋友推薦給她的治療有任何起色。結果,她到中國大陸,台灣,德克薩斯州和其他地方尋求“醫治”。在此過程中,有很多起伏,急劇的轉彎甚至是反向而行。我陪著她到了幾乎所有地方,不得不老實地說,我不知道這驚恐的雲霄飛車旅程何時會結束。


在她內心感到安定之後,主便利用Kenneth Haigin的醫治教導來喚醒她的心。她意識到主永遠不會將任何疾病帶給人們,疾病無疑是仇敵的工作。這激起她裡面極強的戰鬥力,要抵抗這仇敵魔鬼的攻擊。我相信這成為了她真正的轉折點。她說她不會屈服,並且會奮戰到最後。


Nicole目前的IHOPKC保險只涵蓋在杜魯門中心(堪薩斯城當地醫院)進行的醫療程序。因此,她所有的醫療影像處理 (CT, MRI, Biopsy 等),自然療法(高劑量維C和mistletoe注射),TKM,護理人員、手術費用,以及傷口專科醫生的所有費用,都需要自掏腰包。Nicole說,她非常感謝自她患病以來許多人代禱、甚至有人已經給予經濟支持。由於她在整個治療過程中已經花了極大的費用,目前聖地牙哥的初次手術預計的費用還要將近美金五萬, 還有後續的手術及治療, 我們一些人聚在一起,決定通過“ Go Fund me”的平台為Nicole籌集資金。我們希望看到她在此康復過程中向前邁進,而不必承擔沉重的經濟負擔。在go fund me的平台上, 她的朋友Jenny Huang協助Nicole籌款 (go fund me 相關問題請聯絡 Jenny: [email redacted])。若您不想透過此平台, 想直接匯款也可以跟Nicole的屬靈女兒Allen King 聯絡 ( [email redacted], wechat微信:ak1613).


Joylynn 及Nicole的支持團隊


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