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Having to share my personal story online is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. For nearly 13 years, I have been been struggling with a physical illness that has been difficult to make sense of. I try to stay positive and make the most out of my situation. However, this illness has been one of the darkest points of my life that I have had to walk through. I‘m finally sharing my story publicly, and I’m inviting you to walk in this with me. 

I need help.

I have Lyme disease and I’m trying to raise money for a specific type of treatment. I need $30,000 and I’m wondering if you would consider donating towards the medical expenses. 

I have seen more doctors than I can count, done more types of tests than I knew existed, and spent more money than I could possibly imagine just trying to get answers and trying to get well. After years of fighting, I finally have a proper diagnosis: I have 2 types of Lyme disease and 4 other tick diseases. 

For the last 4 years, I have been trying multiple antibiotic treatments as well as strong herbal/natural antibiotics with little change. These treatments have provided minimal relief, but there is a treatment offered  in Germany that is supposed to be extremely helpful for people like myself. This treatment is not available in the US, so that’s why I have to go there. I am hopeful that this could be the answer and that I might be able to have my life back again. This feels extremely vulnerable to put this out there on facebook, but I need money to pay for it, so I’m asking if you would consider helping me with the cost. Any amount of support would be greatly appreciated, and if you are a Christian, I'm also requesting your prayers. 

Love,  Natasha 

You can read more of my journey below: 

Lyme disease is caused from a bacteria transmitted by ticks. You might ask, “Isn’t Lyme just a simple fix where the doctor prescribes you antibiotics and you’ll be better?” Unfortunately, I have come to find out that for some people it is FAR more complicated.

I got sick upon returning from missionary work in Africa, and I was so ill that I had to move back home. I woke up one morning with flu like symptoms and muscular pain, and it spread through my entire body within days. I had never experienced pain like this before, and my life drastically changed from that day forward as additional symptoms showed up.

Since that time, I have been praying and asking God to lead me to healing. In the first years I had a dream that a tick was at the root cause of all of my health issues. I fully believe that God was showing me the answer. I saw some of the best doctors out there, and Mayo Clinic and some others concluded that I had fibromyalgia. This didn’t sit right with me, and I kept having more dreams about ticks, so I kept searching and I kept praying. I finally found the right doctor and got a clear diagnosis on my labs: 2 types of Lyme disease and 4 other tick diseases. 

So now what? I’m heading to Germany this October for 3 weeks of treatment. I am hopeful that this could be the answer and that I will finally be able to live a normal life again. I dream of a time where I'm no longer in physical pain and where day to day life is manageable. I want to be active again. I am continuing to fight against Lyme disease, and I am asking you to stand with me.
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