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I have found myself in this tough position where I really need money but haven't wanted to ask so now I am in a bigger financial hole than I was before. I am a senior Studio Art major at a liberal arts college, and am in my last semester before graduating. I currently have two jobs, and am used to doing adult entertainment but have not been able to get hired in the past two years because of racist and discriminatory practices in Portland, OR. Because of my full course-load, my jobs are on campus but that means they have time restrictions where I am not allowed  to work more than 6-9 hours a week per job. I get paid biweekly for a grand total of around 500$ per month. My car note is ~350 and my insurance is ~150 so those checks are eaten up by these expenses alone, (and this doesn't even include gas). That car is what I use to get to work and to do other side gigs. I recently took my car to a shop and was told that it currently needs about 1500$ worth of repairs. I have been living off of loans and grant money (that I have to pay back) and I have now exhausted those options.  As my senior year progresses and graduation looms, I find myself with less and less time to do both school and work and the idea of getting another job - if I can get hired - is overwhelming and has exacerbated my anxiety and depression. I have taken a medical leave of absence every year that I have been in college and cannot afford to do that during my last semester. In addition, last time I left Reed I was homeless for months afterwards, and the anxiety of post-grad life is also immobilizing my progress. After I graduate, I don't have anywhere to go and won't have enough money saved up to get an apartment or put down a deposit because my checks are basically disappearing into my car. I am asking for money to help me feel financially stable enough to graduate and to fix my car and get a deposit for a place to live after Reed. Because of current rent prices, average deposits include first month, last month, and security for an average of 3600$ for a relatively cheaper apartment. Even if I move to a cheaper city, the costs of repairing my car and moving all my belongings out of state will require a similar amount of funding. I am used to doing things on my own so being in a position where I have to ask for help is really frustrating. I also know I have asked for help before and I hate to ask again but its at a point where if I don't get some assistance I am worried about my mental health and my physical wellbeing. I would really appreciate any and all help. I go to a school filled with exceptionally privileged students who when they graduate will be able to go back home or will have parents able to help soften and muffle the hardships that come after graduation, unfortunately those options are not available to me. This degree has taken me 7 years to complete, and I am SO CLOSE to finishing what has been a very long and very hard process and I would hate to have to take a leave and disrupt my studies again because of the comorbidity of generational poverty and mental illness.

If u r interested or it matters to u:
i am:


Mia Bonilla
Portland, OR

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