Help Me Live Abundantly

Also accepting funds via Venmo: @mchop88

Funds support the following:

- Therapy/mental health treatment - $100 dollars per session at 4x's a week = $400/month
- Housing - $900 a month, minimum, including utility costs
- Mutual aid opportunities - Varies monthly as most aid requests are ignored and overlooked
- Joyful moments - including opportunities for travel, care, and creativity

This fund will give me access to freedoms and opportunities for me to find rest, joy, and experiences that are mine.
I deserve physical, mental, and emotional safety and access to therapeutic services that are less entrenched in medical racism, anti-fatness, and anti-Blackness. I deserve to not be forced to stay in a job causing my mental anguish in order to afford medical services. I have reached my capacity for being harmed and dismissed consistently and expected to stay silent and in line for a false sense of "peace."

I deserve to be able to live in places that will not displace me with gentrification or force me to live with others/landlords who enact violence onto me when I refuse to assuage their guilt or let myself be an emotional mammy. I should not be unable to access creative tools and space because white people want me to build their work and "diversify" their audience without credit, respect, or proper compensation. I deserve to be promoted and paid. I deserve to not lose job experience and references because white leadership will blacklist me and lie for calling out their institutionalized violence. I deserve to not have "progressive" white folks gaslighting me into therapy when they refuse to accept their work is not done.

As a Black, fat, femme individual, I shouldn't have to rehash my trauma for sympathy or viewer consumption. If we have not understood what happens to marginalized bodies at the hands of this fucked up world at this point, there is nothing else I could possibly tell you to convince you I deserve empathy.

More importantly, I deserve a break and this freedom fund will allow me to finally have one. This is an "average" salary for some, but I would be able to fund my life for a year and stop just surviving. I want, need, and deserve to thrive. Please share and pass along.

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