Urgent Need for Additional Vehicle Repairs

Hello Friend! My name is Brian Stubbs, 50 years young, and I am in need, and reaching out to a wonderful group of supporters like yourself for the purpose of getting my car road-ready and running while reaching a goal of financial security and independence once the car is fixed.
I need the car for a job. One that does not take standing on your feet 24/7. You see, I take a blood thinner and wear ted socks. I also have robotic hearing. To make it sound cool, a cochlear implant in the left ear. Enjoy deafness when turned off, and noise pollution when turned on, sometimes. Anyway, it's a cool way to hear.
Can be on my feet and active, just not 24/7. Seems as the years go on, my legs from the calves down send their warnings with swelled calves and Planters Fasciitis; years of past blood clots resulting in leg vein thrombosis.
With no job and no money, I started to fantasize about my first job out of high school in 1990 working at HEB in Boerne Tx as a 12-hour shift Night Stocker. I saw a mirage of paychecks while driving my car next to my girlfriend while calling my adult son on the phone to say, "your dad got a job." Sounds like the Tom Green story.
That's way before Ted Socks and Blood Thinner entered the picture.
After forking through job sights for years, like Indeed, and with some desperation, I found my answer, but God thinks otherwise.
Accepting all applicants: regardless of age, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, or handicap. If you're hard-working, we will take you, $17.50 an hour.
"I am gonna get a job."
"I am gonna get my car fixed. Yipee!"
"I am gonna call people and say, I got a job."
So recently in late May, I applied to Anderson Merchandiser through Walmart for a three-month store job to help reset the floor aisles full of products. Work 3 months at this store then switch to another, if you want to keep the job.
I found out how the Egyptian slaves built the great pyramids, through teamwork; jacking up those massive product-filled aisles on rollers with eight-inch diameter wheels, about three inches. With the help of twenty other young men, pushing and pulling those massive columns around twenty feet in place.
Anyway, I lasted two days. I got pictures to prove why. My legs really didn't like this job.
Hey, I won't be winning any best legs beauty pageants in this lifetime. Not that I would ever want to win one
About a year ago.
I am not a mechanic but decided with little choice and low on funds I would have to get my hands dirty and learn some skills.
I was able to do the rotors, brakes pads, and replacing calipers myself but soon realized that when everything was off the wheel, I also would need new wheel hubs and bearings; basically a Wheel Hub Assembly kit.
The alternator needs replaced. I did purchase a refurnished alternator from a reliable source but lo and behold, even with bolt breakers can't get the old bolts to release their grip on "Dead Car Power", which is a dead car with no life to light my fire. Oh, I cracked the Alternator Harness Plug when removing. Don't worry, they ain't much.
At this time my mechanic skills will pass the torch to a certified and trained technician to finish what I started. Under God's glory with your help of course.
When I said God Approves your donation, it's Approved! I believe in Tithing your pay and giving to god first. My Tithing has gifted many charities over the years. Here are a few to list.
Feeding America,
Arthritis Foundation,
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation,
Project Hope,
Perkins School for Blind,
Food for the Poor,
Paralyzed Vets,
Mike Evans Jewish,
Partners in Mercy,
Sisters of St Benedict,
The Jimmy Carter Foundation,
Doctors without Borders
Habitat for Humanity
March of Dimes
American Indian College Fund
I have spent nearly a decade of my life helping some wonderful kids have a family. I was a foster parent through a center in Massillon OH; The Twelve Inc. During which time we fostered
close to thirty kids and adopted four. I have eight adult kids, 3 steps, 4 adopted, and 1 with my gifted DNA. All are just as great as the other.
Anyway, after doing some research on costs to Fix My Ride, I came up with this $950  dollar conclusion. Give or take depending on who does the work.
Don't worry crowdfunder, friend, or family member, we are in this together. Your donation, large or small will be greatly appreciated.
If you are in need and in a serious financial crisis. Do not send me anything. Instead, I will see what I can do to help you out if you need to start your crowdfunding campaign.
In the Highest Regards and God Bless You All
Brian J. Stubbs


  • Tommy Skarbø 
    • $100 
    • 1 d
  • Matt Taylor 
    • $40 
    • 3 d
  • Calvin Wright 
    • $20 
    • 3 d
  • Kimberly Skarbø 
    • $50 
    • 4 d
  • Carlos H Sanchez 
    • $20 
    • 5 d


Brian Stubbs 
Elgin, TX