Help me divorce Oath Keeper Leader Stewart Rhodes

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I have been legally separated and trying to complete the divorce process with my now infamous  soon-to-be-ex-husband,  Stewart Rhodes, for over four years now.

My case has been sealed and I am currently not allowed to discuss it publicly., however, I can say that my former law firm dropped me (rightfully, I suppose) as a client since I could not keep currant with regular payments to them. I burned quickly through my initial $5,000 down payment/retainer and racked up an additional $12,000 (give or take with late fees and such) fairly quickly without ever coming close finalizing  the divorce or reaching any sort of  permanent financial or custodial agreement.

I would first have to pay off my outstanding legal fees from my former law firm.  I would then have to find a Montana licensed attorney willing to represent me. [Edit; I do now have a lawyer!}

It's certainly not easy to find a lawyer willing to go head to head against a person who is not only a graduate of Yale Law but also commands their own private army, as well as having access to a team of equally infamous attorneys surrounding him; nonetheless, I am confident that somewhere out there is an advocate willing to be my huckleberry.

I'm not looking for an overly expensive knock-down drag-out, just a simple and safe  plan and a basic financial agreement (we have no assets to even argue about) and in all likelihood it will be settled out of court.

I still have four school age children at home and the experience of switching over from a  completely isolated  lifestyle to becoming active thriving members of the community for my kids and I  has run the gamut emotion wise. It has been at times;  bumpy, scary, exhilarating, daunting, but all of it has taken a lot of work, diligence and a bit more tenacity than I thought I possessed. Some of the process of re-joining life (think applying for kids' social security numbers, birth certificates,  school, joining sports programs) has been costly and time consuming and also been about three years worth of paperwork, but we've gotten through it.

For obvious reasons I am very very hesitant to go public with this, but after a whole lot of thought, I feel I just can not move forward any other way.  I am feeling a bit embolden by the spotlight now on the STBX, and without going into specifics I'm hoping that keeps anything too crazy from happening.

Though I can't talk about the details of my marriage here, I can tell you that it was likely about exactly what you're picturing, but probably quite a bit weirder.

It also seems like a lot of money to ask for, but judging alone from the cost of the first round, I think that is the cost I should expect.

My funding goals:
1. Pay back what I owe to former law firm. 
2. Retainer for a new super hero attorney. 
3. Finalize the divorce.
4. I  hope donors are all right with my using some donations for basic needs; getting caught up with utilities, basic living or car repairs - my truck, Ole' Bessie has 265,000 miles on her and needs a bit of help now and then.

There are no words I can think of to fully describe how grateful I would be if my kids and I were able to leave the old world fully behind; to be legally divorced. I would be able to move forward without still feeling shackled.

Any little bit would help. If only a fraction this amount were raised it would be a tremendous help.


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Tasha Adams 
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