Help me and siblings get away from abusive parents

Hi my name is Tyrone, I don't really ask for help and for some reason feel guilty  that I'm reaching out but I’ve been left with no choice.  I'm a Bi male currently living with my parents who verbally, physically and emotionally abuse me and my sister (16) daily and are planning to make me homeless when i turn 18 which is in 16 days (2nd July). So me and my younger sister are trying to raise money to find a place to live which would also provide my younger siblings, (8 and 13), who we are basically the carer for) a place to stay for periods of time until I can sort out a permanent solution. And to raise money to pay rent and bills for a bit as me and my sister are currently in the process of finding jobs  (16 currently has a job which she had pre covid-19 and is still paying her even tho they are shut however, she plans to move college and her job is at her school’s  leisure center so she wouldn’t be able to work there as regularly or at all in september ). Also we couldn’t  work due to Covid-19 because our younger brother suffers from asthma which can serve at times and I share a room with him -  we had nowhere to self-isolate.


 My mum is a violent alcoholic who has abused and tormented me for years, on and off but since turning 17 and leading up to months of me turning 18 soon it has been daily. Recently, she has on multiple occasions tried to stop me from eating, she’s cut me with broken plates, she continuously mocks me and repeats what i'm saying in a heightened feminine voice (this has been going on for 2+ years), she continuously insults me.  She repeatedly shouts and screams until 3 - 8am and also screams for me to get away from her when i'm actually in my room so that seems like im abusing her and now my neighbors think i'm a monster and have actually called the police because of this. She also has also told my other sister who was 7 at the time that I raped her in an attempt to turn her away from me and tells my brother that I abused him, again in an attempt to turn them away from me. She is absolutely sick.

There are also times where I come home and find my work or personally belongings damaged.

My dad just watches and accuses me and my sister of “starting shit”.  My parents are extremely manipulative people and they have cut us off from most of our family so no one knows what's happening. They’ve been doing this for years and know what they’re doing. My dad trys to normalise this and has repeatedly tells my youngest sister that “we are just being stupid” which isn’t surprising as he has a extremely violent past and he has launched himself at me in the past. There are times where I can't sleep or have dreams of them stabbing me. I'm worried for my safety and I feel trapped. My mental health has been affected by all this and I've experienced suicidal thoughts in the past. I’ve also experience heart palpitations due to stress which I’m now prescribed medication for

They are also unreliable parents to my two youngest siblings, my mum often forgets to feed my younger siblings. There has been numerous occasions as recent as 2 days ago, where  (8) has gone to my dad at midnight, saying that she hasn't been fed dinner and my dad tells her to go to my mum who is often drunk and when she does, my mum shouts at her and blames her because she was on her phone all day. This leaves me and my sister (16) regularly feeding our siblings. We also have had to set a form of routine for my younger siblings because my parents have not enforced the importance of regular self hygiene.


 Also when my sister (7) tries to sneak in the kitchen to get food she accuses her of stealing and says shes get it from (16) and that (16) gets it from her boyfriend - (16)’s boyfriend is a black, she is repeatedly racist towards black people, even accusing the church me and (16) used to go to, which is predominantly attended by the black community as a terrorist group and that they encourage drug dealing.


 Me and my siblings have been repeatedly let down by social services who were involved due to reports of abuse. As well as by police - they would come over, I’d explain what is happening and they wouldn’t do anything because it does not visually seem like we live in abusives household. An officer even told me once that her mum was abusive and had mental health issues which she just had to live with and as a result wasn't going to report anything. As well as being manipulated by our parents by saying that they would stop and tried to normalise. I felt ashamed to come forward and scared that I would get separated from my siblings in foster care.

I'm currently searching and contacting local authorities for any potential support they could provide but I don't want the situation to result in my siblings being put into care. So I need to raise as much money as possible to support them and myself. If you can’t  donate its ok, I more than understand the financial stress people are under right now but if you could just share to as many people as you can we would really appreciate it
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