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Help my family rebuild our lives and start again

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Hello! I am Hala Jad from Gaza. I am a civil engineer and now I am attaining my master's degree in engineering project management. As a mom of 3, I am trying to help my small family and complete my studies, built a new life...I also want to help my family of 8 members, my parents, my siblings and their children, so that they can start a new life and find hope.
We were all displaced from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south and moved more than 10 times in search of safety. After the withdrawal from the north, it became clear to us that all of our remaining hope has become a mirage, our homes have been destroyed and have become rubble, and our small projects that we wanted for the future of our children have become ashes. Among us are school students and many of us are university students who aspire to complete their studies and be able to rely on themselves. Help us lay the foundation for starting a life and a future,
in the shadow of sadness, oppression, hunger, and death. We want to feel like life still wants us.
We love life and want to have the opportunity to live well, please help us!
Thank you very much.

This fundraiser is created by Alexandra Soupourtzi-Michalaki, for my friend Hala Jad. All the funds will be transferred to her through bank transfer. You can find me on instagram, [email editado]pourtzi



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