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Madeline is a 21 year old premed college student who is now suffering from severe side effects following her second dose of Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine received in the end of February of this year.
After many months of trial and error we finally found  a treatment center that can help however is not covered by our health insurance. Continue reading Maddy's Pfizer vaccine injury journey





Maddy decided to get the vaccine in order to work in the hospital during the covid-19 Pandemic as she is trying to get clinical hours and experience for Medical School. On top of her passion for medicine driving her choice, she also decide to get the vaccine to keep herself and her family members that are at high risk safe from the virus.


The side affects started small and over months snowballed into severe health issues, mainly “neurological”.


Following her vaccine, her symptoms started with pain in her right wrist. At first, it was little and after a month, the pain, wrist weakness, and numbness was so unbearable that she was crying herself to sleep nearly every day. In April Maddy came to the realization that she needed to seek medical attention. After an orthopedic consultation, a nerve conduction study and an EMG was ordered to rule out carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome due to the numbness felt in her entire palm. By the time she was seen by a neurologist to do her two tests, her numbness traveled from her hand/wrist to her shoulder in just a few weeks. That same day, was the day that things began to change for Maddy. The neurologist saw something out of the ordinary with her reflexes in her right leg along with a perfect NCS and EMG, which did not add up to the symptoms she was experiencing at the time. She was then advised to see another neurologist to check her brain. The following morning, Maddy woke up with a bit of numbness in her right foot which quickly changed to the lack of the ability to move her toes, ankle, and knee in the matter of a few hours, which began the frequent ER visits beginning on 5/25/21. The following day her back and left side went numb and she had lack of control like the right side by midnight Following these ER visits Maddy than began to go through waves of different symptom flare ups such as the lost all her muscle strength, loss of most of her motor skills, immense fatigue, full body tremors, muscle spasms, twitches, low grade fevers, difficulty eating/breathing randomly, nerve/muscle shooting pain, muscle atrophy, inflammation in the legs, on top of the numbness in her full body 24/7 and random lack of movement of her toes, ankles, and knees.


At first doctors thought she had a stroke, MS, Brain tumor, or autoimmune diseases. She has gone through a 2 nerve studies, a cat scan, an emg , an ekg, 8 mris, a spinal tap, blood panels on blood panels, 46+ blood tests, and more. Maddy has been cleared of any chance of the 11 rheumatoid autoimmune disease she was flagged for which is a blessing, however she is still suffering from these adverse effects.



Finally, after exhausting every possible idea of what could be wrong, we posted on social media asking for help. And by the grace of god. We found Dr Mark Gahili. He will be doing a series of proprietary IV therapies and stem cell therapy as her treatment plan. We had our first in the series today and it was nothing short of a miracle. Maddy was able to feel the first bit of relief she has ever been able to feel in the past 4 months. Before starting her session Maddy was suffering from an episode of her full body tremors along with difficulty walking, almost like walking with cinder blocks on your feet. By the end of her first treatment, her tremors stopped, her muscle spasms diminished, her ability to walk was night and day, and she was able to make a fist with her hand, something she has been unable to do for months. Today was the first day Maddy was able to walk out of a doctor’s office happy and hopeful that she will get back to her normal self and continue working in the hospital, finish her senior year at Chapman University, and ultimately attend Medical School to become a physician to help others. If you are able to donate towards her treatment plan we are extremely appreciative! If you are unable to do so, please share her story.


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