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I am very very humbled to be asking for help, especially in such a public way. However I had a life changing event that injured me physically, causing me not only daily pain but to lose my car, my income, withdraw from grad-school effectively stopping my education and putting my future career on hold.  On Sept. 6, 2017 while on my way to school I was involved a traumatic car accident. I was traveling Southbound towards Lee Rd. on 17-92 in Maitland. A driver that had been traveling Northbound needed to cross three lanes of traffic to make a left turn without verifying that there was no oncoming traffic.  The first impact happened when I hit her right rear passenger side. That first hit caused my car to swerve and slam head on in to a telephone instantly coming to a dead stop. So there were two violent impacts within seconds of each other. I was wearing my seatbelt and my airbag did deploy. I was not on the phone or texting or distracted. I was simply driving with the flow of traffic and in the blink of an eye she was in front of me. I am most grateful for the fact that I had just dropped my 7 year old son off at school so he was not also injured in the accident with me! A witness came and was trying to open my driver's side door but it was jammed shut. Smoke started to come from under the hood which was smashed in. My car was totaled.  I was unable to move or catch my breath or get out. Thank God that the Maitland Police, Ambulance and Fire Engine 45 came quickly. I watched in fear as it took two men using crow cars to pry open the hood because I was so afraid that there was a fire in the engine that may burn into the interior of the car before they could get me out. It took another two men to get the door open but they finally did. I had such intense chest pain that I thought my sternum was fractured and that a lung had been punctured. By the grace of God neither had happened. I could barely move or turn my head, move my arms or torso. I was gasping for air, terrified and unsure if I was going to cause any further injury by moving. The EMT did an evaluation as he could from outside of the car and I was able to have limited movement in my limbs without severe pain. He helped me get out of the car and onto the stretcher. I was then transported downtown to Florida Hospital. I was asked a few questions and barely examined by the attending physician. Several x-rays were taken and I was dismissed without any broken bones and told that I would be "really sore for a couple of days". I have been in pain every single day since the accident. There are good days and bad, Migraines due to Post Concussion Syndrome and Spinal Stenosis, neck -mid-low back pain due to several herniations and bulging discs and days that it's difficult just to walk. Luckily I am blessed to have a wonderful Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Hull, who recognized that there were several injuries and he ordered  Full Spine and Right shoulder MRI's. I was also examined by an Orthopedic Pysician.  The findings are: Post-Concussion Syndrome (such as what football players and boxers get), Occipital (base of the skull) Neuralgia, Intercostal (rib) Neuralgia, Rotator Cuff Syndrome (right), Anterior Innominate Somatic Dysfuntion, Adjustment Disorder (PTSD with anxiety and depression), Spinal Canal Stenosis at 3 levels, 11 Protrusion herniations, 8 bulging discs and multiple annulus tears throughout. My car was totaled so there is no trade in. The policy was just enough to pay it off but there's no money left to put down on a new car. Due to the severity of the numerous injuries I have barely worked since the accident. I am self employed as a Mobile Massage Therapist, which I have been doing for 16 years. Therefore my income has greatly diminished to nearly nothing. My rent is extremely past due, to the point that my landlord had asked me to move out. If my child and I are evicted then we don't even have a car to live in.  I owe Two months backpay for rent not including utilities and soon next months rent will be due too. I am also behind on all utilities for electricity, water, garbage and Internet.  I used a rental car for some time which became an additional expense that also needs to be paid. Now my generous Mom is currently sharing her car with me because I must take my son to and from school every day. I work as a mobile therapist who travels for income. A vehicle is an extremely high priority for me right now. I have been trying to get auto financing but no avail. When Geico paid off my car my credit score dropped by nearly 50 points. Now I have had so many inquiries into financing that they are all showing on my credit. In December I was experincing some intense discomfort and went to the emergency room. My symptoms were similar to that of a heart attack or stroke. I felt as though I would pass out. My vision started to go black. My hearing was dissipating as though I was going into a tunnel, my heart was racing and I was having this burning and tightening sensation that started at my collar bones, went up the sides of my beck and wrapped around my head. I went to the ER and was checked in. They did CT scans of my head and heart, did an EKG and kept me on a heart monitor overnight. It was determined that this was all due to nerve damage that was incurred in the accident and was not a separate cardiac event. I do not have health insurance. So I received a bill for over $6000 from the hospital for that 24 hours. The medical coverage from there insurance for the auto accident is maxed out. So there is no money left for continued care or rehab such as physical therapy, shots or surgery. I am on my own. I am just getting desperate and in need of financial help. My sweet little boy has been going through all of this with me. It makes me sad how he has been negatively affected by this accident and the continuing subsequent losses. I am doing everything I can to keep us from becoming homeless and having the money for rent and a car is the greatest priority right now. Every dollar helps and every penny counts. From the bottom of my heart I humbly thank you and give thanks for you generosity. I accept payments through Facebook, I also have a PayPal account under Elizabeth Phillips and the email is [email redacted]. Thank you for helping my son and I get back on our feet. In gratitude, peace and love, Liz

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