Help Kevin Strickland After Wrongful Conviction

Audrey (Sister), Kevin, Rosetta (Mother), LR (Father in front)

For those that have been wrongfully convicted, the agony of prison life and the complete loss of freedom are only compounded by the feelings of what might have been. Deprived for years of family and friends and the ability to establish oneself professionally, the nightmare does not end upon release. With no money, housing, transportation, health services or insurance, and a criminal record that is rarely cleared despite innocence, the punishment lingers long after innocence has been proven. This is a reality that current client Kevin Strickland could soon be facing.

For more than 41 years, Kevin Strickland has been incarcerated for a crime he did not commit!  The state of Missouri has robbed him of his youth, his health, and much of his life’s potential. He has largely lost the use of his legs and now uses a wheelchair. All for a crime he did not commit. All while the real perpetrators—to the extent they were prosecuted by the State—have long since been freed. All while there is overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

On May 11, 2021, Mr. Strickland’s attorneys, led by the Midwest Innocence Project, filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus with the Supreme Court of Missouri to discharge Strickland from prison based upon illegal confinement and the record before the court.  Even the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney is requesting Mr. Strickland’s exoneration.

As of this writing Missouri Governor Mike Parson has been made aware of Mr. Strickland’s case and the overwhelming evidence of his innocence.  At any time now Governor Parson could commute Mr. Strickland’s sentence or issue a pardon. 

L.R. Strickland (left) and Kevin Strickland (right)

But what would Mr. Strickland be released from prison to face?  A world that he does not know much about.  Today he is 61 years old but he was a teenager when he went to prison.  His mother is gone as are many other family members.  He has no work history to speak of.  There is no Missouri statute to compensate a person wrongfully convicted of a crime and later found innocent, unless through DNA, and that is not the case here.  Mr. Strickland needs financial support to care for his basic needs upon his release from prison.  Mr. Strickland has suffered an unimaginable atrocity and no one helped him.  Today, he needs your help.

We are confident that Mr. Strickland will be released by the end of this year.  We know he will face many hurdles adjusting to life outside of prison and we hope that we can rally together to help make a difference, to help him after the system failed him.

Please donate today to help Mr. Strickland establish himself in a home and provide for his basic needs upon his release from prison. 

For more information regarding the injustices that Mr. Strickland suffered, please read articles here:


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