I have over 22 years experience in the creation and design of large outdoor murals, and have traveled for most of the 22 years perfecting my craft, but home is here in the Northern New York region.

This project interests me because I have always felt Watertown could use some colorful outdoor artwork, because public art creates a sense of community. So when i was contacted last fall by a group of people from downtown Watertown New York, who were looking to beautify the city by painting murals on exterior public spaces, I took an immediate interest. Originally they had asked me to give my expertise regarding the placement of murals on a large wall in the veterans park in downtown Watertown New York. Through multiple online group meetings, I saw that they were able to put together a great team who were interested in manifesting the project and that it would be a collaboration for both local artists and big talent. I hoped my participation would help the team draw professional artists and masters of public art to this small corner of the US and to inspire the people who live in our region.

My concept of what I would create is based on the theme of "Watertown, past, present, and future". I decided I would choose the past, the roots, the beginning when Watertown was wild. My family has been in the area since the 1840's so i also consider this place to be the home of my own roots. I have chosen the size of the mural to be 20ft high by 64 ft long, a centerpiece. One of the things discussed with the group early on was how to put the murals on the wall. It was my suggestion that is making the project possible, to paint aluminum sign panels and attach them to a frame system, one I use quite frequently.
The costs of this mural will include: research and design, 40 aluminum exterior panels 4x8, paint, protective coating, materials, equipment to stream project and next spring I will need to rent a warehouse with enough space for me to lay it down and do my touch ups and corrections. I will be able to paint them 6 at a time, using a system I will need to build in my studio. this project will take approx. 8 to 9 months to complete.

I plan on streaming the complete process on YouTube and other social media venues.  Anything over the goal amount will be split 50/50 with the Arts Committee.

My fundraising goal is 40,000$

For people wishing to donate large sums, you can donate directly to the Downtown Watertown Arts Committee for a tax deductible donation. ** PLEASE SPECIFY THAT FUNDS ARE FOR THE KELLY CURRY MURAL** Artists receive 100% of funds donated to their mural project. Any Donation of 1000$ or more will
get your name on a Plaque attached to the




Thank you for your support of the arts! Be sure to look for me on social media, accounts for the project will be set up on FB, Instagram, YouTube and others. You will be able to find updates at





  • Kimberly Donegan 
    • 25 $ 
    • 9 mos
  • Lon Miller 
    • 30 $ 
    • 12 mos
  • Tonya Kubis 
    • 20 $ 
    • 12 mos
  • Monica Murphy 
    • 10 $ 
    • 12 mos
  • James Mack Nair 
    • 20 $ 
    • 12 mos


KELLY Curry 
Alexandria Bay, NY