Help Karla get a diagnosis and save her life

We all know an amazing person who always lights up a room when they are there. Karla is defined by a lot of people like sunshine. She is a mother of two kids (4 and 8) , a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a warrior. She is a 30 year old who is passionate about her family and making the most of her life by helping other people. This last two months, we have experienced the hardest and most unexpected times.

It all started on November 16th while Karla was running some errands. She started to feel dizzy and to walk in zig zag, with the worst headache and blurry vision. She felt numb and tingling in her right side of the face. She was by herself, so she tried to get help. I arrived to her about 20 minutes after that, and drove her home. She thought it was just her pressure that went to low, but when she didnt feel better for the next 3 days, and couldnt get back to her normal life, we went to the doctor.

It was a surprise for all of us after we got the results of an MRI scan, that said episode had been a cerebelum stroke. The first 72 hours are the most important in this types of events and need to have emergency medical treatment to avoid another. Karla went those 72 hours without even knowing what had happened to her. It was a miracle to see her so strong and complete after something so complicated. But that is just how she is, rescilent and strong.

Since then, we have been on and off doctors, many expensive test and hospitals. We are all scared and trying to get ahead of the situation and prevent another stroke. She is really young with just 30 years, with a healthy lifestyle and apparently no reason whatsover to develop something like that. On Sunday 19th, she passed out again and was admitted to the hospital. She stayed there until Christimas night when they finally discharged her, making it a Christmas Miracle to spend this date with us.

As findings on the studies we have been doing, we discovered Karla has some lesions on her brain, hypertension on the brain and said stroke. Her heart has some failures too. They found an arritmia, a prolapse of the mitral valve and a foramen oval (a small hole between the right and left upper chambers of her heart). On Thursday 23th, they performed a carsdiac ablation to eliminate the arritmia. We still need to close the foramen. All the heart problems might be the cause for the blood clot that caused the stroke, but no doctor in this month and a half has been able to know the exact cause of it or how to avoid it.

The next steps are still unclear; we keep seeing doctors to get a diagnosis and prevent another event in which she might not be as lucky as this time. In said stroke, the right cerebelum was damaged, so she cant walk or do anything without assistance cause at times, she also loses consciusness and faints. She needs a wheelchair to get into places and has to be extremely careful in everything she does. Our two kids are under too much preasure seeing their mother struggling and using a wheelchair.

Karla is full of life, always smiling and helping and talking. She has the biggest heart and love to connect with people. She has so many plans, she wants to accomplish so many things to try to make this world a better place. But right now, her life is on hold; our family life is on hold. We dont have a diagnosis or a treatment and we keep seeing her struggling daily.

We dont know how to avoid another event or what is best to her to get her back in her feet. We need more doctors and more studies so we can be sure she is out of danger. Anything is deeply appreciated to help her get back to herself and back to us.

This caught us off guard, so we dont have an insurance to cover all the sudden expenses that came through this last months. This fundraiser will be for covering the past expenses and the future ones. We still have a long way to go. God Bless!
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