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Hello! Thank you so much for being here. I want to be as transparent as possible, so below is a recap of what I've been up to, and what I need help with. 
First, this past year has been quite the challenge for all of us. While so much grief and change has taken place, there's also been space for growth and silver linings. I'd like to invite you to celebrate with me some of my silver linings:
  • After 20+ years of unexplained chronic pain, chronic illness, and medical gaslighting, I've finally been correctly diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. The validation alone was life changing, but now I have healthcare professionals who actually take me seriously and are helping me maintain a treatment plan that keeps me as healthy as I can be.
  • Another cool health thing? I've discovered that I'm autistic. And WOW has that realization changed my life. Now I have names for the things I experience, and people to relate to. I have strategies to prevent/deal with meltdowns and burnout, and my communication effectiveness has improved immensely because I know why my brain works the way it does. Self-discovery is a beautiful thing.
  • I've started a blog so that people can feel heard, seen, and valid. In fact, Queer Cult's tagline is "Vocal. Visible. Valid." I'm so excited to grow this platform: I have goals to have a YouTube channel, Twitch stream, and regular panel series on Facebook to foster a brave environment for tough topics (but also for celebrations of who we are) and build community! ( or; also @thequeercult on Instagram)
  • In addition to the blog, I've started the Queer Cult Community: a private group on Facebook (which anyone is welcome to join, after entry questions), where people can share their struggles and celebrations in a brave space. This group is for keeping community, discussing hard topics, celebrating self-discovery, and living our best authentic lives with each others' support! People can ask/post about anything dealing with: gender, sexuality, neurodivergence, disability, anti-racism, polyamory, relationship dynamics, accessibility, sex-kink positivity, body-neutrality, systemic oppression, sustainability, or decolonization.
  • I've also joined the Academy for Coaching Excellence and have started a coaching practice as I work towards my 125 hours to graduate. The program I'm in has truly changed my life, and I am eager to empower others with the same rhetoric. We all have our own answers, and are greater than our thoughts, fears, and feelings. My greatest desire is to support other queer, neurodivergent (but don’t have to be neurodivergent) folk who are struggling to live the life they love because we exist in oppressive structures. When we learn to show up to those structures as who we authentically are, we have a chance to navigate the world out of our own power as creative beings, and create a life that serves us. I am learning as I go, but I know my core purpose is to bring people to understand themselves better, so that we may have a more compassionate, prosperous world for all. When we learn to understand and love ourselves, that compassion radiates out and is bound to change the world for the better. ( or /peer-support-sessions)
  • The pandemic displaced my partner and I back to my hometown, so I’ve been fortunate to reconnect with my old band from high school (Nerds in Denial) who have still been rockin it since I left NY at the age of 18. It’s been so wonderful to be back with the guys and speak the same creative language together. I can’t wait to see what we create in the future. I’ve also been able to reconnect with old high school friends in general, which has been amazing.
  • I’ve connected with fusion dance scenes across state lines, and even danced with folk from around the world, during zoom parties. Because of this community, I’ve also been able to grow as a fusion DJ and have connections to travel for such once things start up again. Not only that, but because we were all forced online, a new form of dancing experience has been created. Moving forward there are going to be more hybrid events, where there will be zoom combined with in person dancing. This makes dance so much more accessible!
  • Speaking of online communities, I’ve made a lot of friends through Queer Cult and dance, that it’s worth celebrating on its own. I love people. I love supporting people and being in relationship. Though it’s been hard to be physically distant, strong bonds have been formed over the last year, and I’m beyond grateful for that.
  • And in line with collaboration, I’m beyond excited to be teaming up with some fellow coaches, as well as folk in my queer community, to bring series of discussions to the masses; a place where we can share, connect, learn, and grow together.
Okay, that's a lot, though there is plenty more to be grateful for. In this instance, I'm so grateful for your willingness to look at what I've been up to, and to support me in my continued growth. As I'm sure you've seen, the amount I'm seeking to raise isn't small. Here's why:
As I've been growing my businesses, I have not been able to maintain a regular job. Even the work-from-home call center jobs are too much on my system. If you're familiar with the spoon theory (and if you're not, I highly suggest looking it up), I typically start with maybe 8 spoons a day. If I have that "regular" job, that will take all my spoons, and I won't have anything left to achieve my dreams. I don't want to go into too much detail here about what it's like living in my body, with this brain, but just know that I struggle. In spite of this, I am determined to contribute to my communities and find a way to survive in this capitalist hell-hole. So far, business has been a lot of "sweat equity": a lot of work, but no income. This is where you come in. I need additional support to attend/obtain the following things (as my mom cannot pay for my existence--I am not on disability yet--AND all the rest, bless her soul):
First, pressing items:
  • I am no longer able to attend the Interfusion Festival (for personal and professional development) in D.C. because I contracted covid. Though I don't need food money any longer, I am still needing to pay the split hotel bill, so I don't leave people in a lurch: $150
  • Coaching practice insurance and ICF membership renewal: $500
  • WordPress business package renewal (for my blog): $300
  • Calendly subscription for scheduling clients and keeping my head on straight: $96 
  • Linktree subscription for all my links in one place: $60
  • ToDoist subscription $36 (keeps me and my ADHD brain organized and motivated)
  • Flyer Maker PRO $30
  • Kaptioned (auto captioning, because transcription is a full-time job alone): $53
Less pressing, but still important items:
  • Some have already contributed to my tattoo fund, but unfortunately the pieces I want to honor my body with are large and costly. I'm pricing this at $1000. Tattoos are included because they make me feel more comfortable and at home in my body. Dysphoria is real. One day I may look into top surgery, but I can never go on T for fear of losing my singing voice. Tattoos are the easiest solution to bypassing some of that dysphoria as I wait to inquire about top surgery. I definitely cannot inquire about surgery while I'm still living under my mother's roof, and I will still be here for a bit.
  • Gender affirming, well-made underwear: $200 - I'm honestly embarrassed by how long I've worn the same underwear (sorry if this is TMI) but now it's extra awful, because most of my underthings are very gendered and it causes dysphoria all the time. I would really love to have boxers that don't ride up, but those are expensive.
  • Any contribution past my goal will be put towards extra coaching classes, drag costumes/travel for performances, and transtape.
Whew! What a read! At any rate, I appreciate you making it this far, and I am SO grateful for whatever you can contribute to my growth. Literally every cent counts. Your gift is an investment in my future success, as well as further growth of the communities I contribute to. Knowing that I have you in my corner empowers me to keep pushing and striving for great things!
To conclude all of this, I want to wish you a very happy holiday season. Stay warm and stay healthy (and masked)! Sending you all my love <3

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