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Namaste everyone and thank you for reading about my Go Fund Me, and for considering a donation to assisting me with activating starseeds globally.

(Please watch my attached You Tube video for a more personal experience about my go fund me.) Created with love, honor, integrity and courage for you!

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But if you prefer reading it’s all here!

Now, what is it really that I am doing? 

So about 2 years ago, I began to see and feel clairvoyantly and clairsentously through smell frequency and through essential oils, particular natural smells that would remind me, awaken me, and activate me to the star systems.

And starseed origins.

Because we can attune our consciousness to the stars in so many different ways.

We often forget that it's not just in the light, or colors, geometry, mathematics, astral traveling, and spiritual experiences that we can do this. It’s also in the earth pollens and elixirs of life that can create a swarming warmth of knowing and remembrance in your heart.

Because of this I knew I had to create the starseed activators line through Aromatherapy!

I had been doing it longer than 2 years ago because I have always worked with essential oils in my daily spiritual practices, but 2 years ago was when I had really reached some ahh ha moments. That I could start to see a new potential within it.

( About Me- If you don’t know what it is that I do, I am IndioAngel (Amanda Jane DeMarco) I am a galactic reader. Which means I channel and receive information from radial intelligences from particular star systems. So some of you may have already seen my YouTube channel, where I have dedicated almost every single day of my life since September 2017 to putting out videos that awaken people to their home starseed origins, along with grid and gatekeeper planetary updates and several other types of cosmic spiritual content that assists many in their journey to coming back to their home. I am simply just creating a lighted path, so others can find their way through the cosmic realms. I also offer readings, and services, and articles that I have written via my website

Essentially, I am a light-worker, way-shower, entrepreneur, a single mother, healer to some, scientist to others, a writer, an author of a book, and so much more new potentials that are waiting to unfold for me!

I began mixing and matching essential oils, spiritual and sacred oils, such as sage oil, cedar oil, rose oil, and so much more.

I spent the last year and a half every day mixing, matching, submitting samples to be crafted with a professional scent company in New York, that creates natural and organic scents for people like me trying to create their perfect designs.

Let me tell you this was hard work and this part did not come easy. Some of the designs were very difficult to get right and it took a lot of adjusting, sending samples back, scratching certain designs. While still trying to achieve the particular scent design that the star systems themselves kept revealing to me, that they should be.

After all of this hard and dedicated work to the creation process. I still never actually knew if I had any funding. I just kept pushing forward because this is what I am being shown/guided that I need to do, this is what I have prayed for day after day. So I just tell myself just keep going I will find a way.

In the last 3 weeks, I have finally finished and perfected after a year in a half of patiently creating- 6 scents! That are the perfect blends of aromatherapy to activate one to starseed origins.

I have designed for Sirius, Arcturus, Pleiades, Lyra, Orion, and Andromeda starseeds. 

Now I can’t tell you what I infused for each one, because this is my galactic secret. But not for long, the combinations will be revealed on the bottle and the labels once they are fully designed and ready to start selling.

My future goals are to continue to keep designing scents for the stars, more stars that are already calling to me and are telling me the secrets of their cosmic blueprint.

But right now I have been guided to start with these six.

You may say how can you smell a star? 

I say it’s through your heart. In other lifetimes and existences you were working with a much higher diverse dimensional ability of senses. In other planets, origins, and timelines you were able to smell the oceanic essence of Sirius, or the grounding woodsy smell of Orion.

These starseed activators are a great way to attune to your origin.

They will also be infused with particular crystals that will also be attuned to the star system that they are activating too. So these activators will come charged with heightened crystal power. 

My samples are fully finished and designed and ready to go. I just really need to order them at this point, order my bottles, order my labels. But, I cannot do this without funding.

(Thank you to my magical auntie who is a graphic designer who has helped me with designing the labels free of cost. I really appreciate her assistance with this so very much. But there is much more work to do!)

I originally did not want to do a go fund me. I resisted the idea because I thought that people would not want to donate to a small business start-up. But, it is my last option in finding funding to launch my starseeds Activating Aromatherapy line before I have to start looking into taking out a small business loan, which I don’t want to have to do because I already have to work so hard just to make ends meet as the sole provider of my family. And options like banks and paypal financing has ridiculous interests fees that I feel will set me back and the scent line back if I have to come up with every dime myself.

But this is my dream, it may be to profit long term, but defiantly not in the beginning! The beginning will be unknown, slow, and time-consuming, I will be taking a risk, a leap of faith, I will have to work extremely hard to market it and grow.

But it's worth it, this is my life’s work and my life passion. The cause is truly to help humanity ascend into the new earth and into the cosmic realms- which is needed to evolve on this earth. Everyone needs assistance or tools to use for this, we cannot do these things completely alone and that’s where the starseed activators come into play. 

So why not donate to a small business start-up? At least you know what you're investing in carries a purpose behind it and inspires others to follow their dreams. I hope that this will inspire you to follows yours in some way, to show you all is possible with faith and dedication, and help from the stars and help from your fellow man on earth.

I was shocked to see go fund me offers options for business to do so, which I wasn’t aware of until I got on last night. That was a sign for me that I needed to try.

I can’t give up on this, I am too close. Even if I receive no help, I will save and slave until I can. I’m too energetically invested.

Donate Because…

I originally started with two different people who made promises to me to be investors in my scent line, they dragged me through the mud over the last two years making promises to me, agreeing to allow me to pay them back, and they wanted to take interest on sales and Cuts of their own. But, they eventually started trying to take more, they wanted to control more aspects of things until I realized I just need to try this on my own.

It didn’t feel right.

People from all over keep telling me just find an investor, well it's not that easy and I see it ties you into manipulations and contracts, that is soul binding, that transcends this lifetime into the next and I am trying to operate all of this from purity and authenticity.

Donate to me today because you believe in me because you want to see a single mom with 3 children (single mom card) rise in her empowerment and become something more on this earthly plane. I am one woman but I represent the thousands of woman who have come before me and who are coming after, and we want to see them all stand strong and grow together, to transcend the matrix we have to become authentic to do this. We have to unhook ourselves from the 9 to 5 grind, and slavery contracts, we have to build our brands and business to become successful.

Cause lets face it, we need money to do anything here. We need money to feed our kids, and we need money to have a roof over our heads, we also need money to create things for others too. Non-profits are not even free, and if you have your heart set on creating a non-profit for others, You still need money to do so.

I am needing to raise 6000.00 dollars to launch my starseed scent activator line- this is simply supply costs alone. This does not include patents, marketing, website, and other hidden costs- which I will be paying for with my own saved money, if everyone just donates 10 dollars I only need 600 friends to give me chance here and I can achieve my goal.

Not to mention I am saving my money as well and have already put away some money and have already invested lots of money just to create it. I am doubling my match if not more with what I am putting into this.

So I just want to offer here to you as well, if you donate to me today, I am going to leave a coupon code for you to take 20 percent off any purchase of the starseed activators that you make from my website. With a coupon code at check out.

If you donate more than a hundred dollars then I will give 40 percent off your order of starseed activators with a coupon code at check out, just email me at [email redacted] after you donate, I will check it, and then send you the coupon code via email, and save your coupon code for the website launch!!!

Thank you so much today for reading and considering a donation to my cause.

Infinite love and Cosmic Blessing,


Amanda Jane DeMarco

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