Help Ilmari the Evertonian from Finland


One of our own needs our collective assistance, and if there is one thing we do is look after each other when it’s needed. The very thing that stitches us together is our collective love of Everton and that brings Blues from all over the world into our lives.

Ilmari (@somuchfun) is a Blue from Finland and is is terminally ill with stage IV cancer. You may know him from various Everton forums.

We’ve spoken with him and suggested we could start a financial assistance fund for him and family in the hope we can assist him & requirements for the foreseeable future. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by Cancer, but I do know it brings out the best in support. In times where health is at the front of everyone’s mind, some of us need a hand, I’m hopeful we can all see the support he needs and help him & his family.

Here is illmari in his own words

"Truth be told I do not plan to give up and die in 3-5 months but that also means I'm in dire need of funds as the options I can think of are rather expensive and will rack up a bill in tens of thousands if successful.

As you probably remember I'm Finnish, so we have a decent public medical sector which I'm using as I've been a full time student for three years doing my MSc. The treatment options available on the public side are a bit more limited than on the private side because they have to be approved to be fully compensated.

To fully understand what's doable (if anything) I've booked an appointment in a private cancer hospital next Tuesday and see what they can offer. I know they can do a genetic profiling on the cancer which might help pick drugs that might otherwise not work. I think they can prescribe some medicine that's not available on the public sector yet because they are not approved for compensation and they can probably do more stuff out of the box. However, things need to be done in relatively short cycles and will at least rack up a bill of 2000-5000 euros of month, with just a scan costing 5000 euros and some of the drugs are priced similar. Some companies have a compassionate use clause so that they supply drugs for free.

The other option I have is, which is rather limited since I've already failed my first line of treatment but will get better information of that profiling the cancer I can try to see if I'm eligible for a suitable medical trial. There's nothing suitable in Finland at the moment but some people have gone to Europe for trials. The trials themselves are free but will require monthly trips and accommodation so that will rack up a nice bill as well.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you and obviously I'm very grateful for the kind gesture. I don't expect you to round up tens of thousands of pounds, I've been just stressing a bit about money today so that's why I had all these numbers in my head. Anything is appreciated and if you can round up 20 quid I'll get a nice little dress for next weeks trip to Rhodes for my 5-year-old, she still dresses up like a princess as her casual clothing."


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  • Robin McMillan 
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  • Laurence Taylor 
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  • Paul McKiernan 
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  • Glenn Kuenzig 
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