Help Hunter Recover from Hit By Car

On Sunday evening, my friend and I were packing my car for a little camping trip.  I was so excited, my good friend David was in town and we were going to celebrate my dog's (Dottie) 9th birthday.  We had several awesome spots picked out to hike and swim over the next few days.

While I was packing my car, Hunter, my roommates dog, darted out the front door.  My friend, David, frantically ran after him, calling his name in hopes that he would return.  However, Hunter was on the move and was only getting farther away.  I went back to the house to get my car keys and a leash, while David continued to pursure on foot.  It looked like Hunter was making his way to the park down the road.

I come out of the house, car keys in hand, to see David running towards me.  He was carrying Hunter.  I felt a wave of relief! I was thinking that David was carrying Hunter since he didn't have a leash.  Unfortunately, I was very wrong.  Hunter was hit not once, but twice by a car.  Together, David and I rushed to get to Hunter in my car and to the nearest emeregency vet hospital.

As I was racing to the ER I could hear Hunter crying in pain in the back seat, while David tried to comfort him.  When we got to the hospital they rushed Hunter to the back, stating that he was currently in shock.  They immediately place an IV catheter and started him on IV fluids and pain management.  Shortly after that, they recommended Hunter recieve a trauma radiograph package to view his chest, abdomen, hips, and legs. Hunter could not stand or catch his balance.  The other huge concern was the possiblity of internal bleeding.  Hunter has several severe lacerations, one of them exposing his joint and bone.  His knee (same leg) is not stable, and currently non-weight bearing. It is recommended that Hunter see a orthopedic surgeon right away.  He also has air in his chest pushing his heart down towards his stomach, limiting his breathing, which in return limits the oxygen that is pumped through his heart into his bloodstream.  It is recommended that he is hospitalized in intensive care, and potentially could need a chest tap to remove the air.  Respiratory distress is a serious concern at this point. 

My heart hurts for poor Hunter.  I am so protective of all my pets.  How did he possibly get out of the door on my watch?  How did he get hit by a car within a minute of being outside.  Never in my wildest dreams did I feel something like this could happen to a pet of mine (practically mine).  If this was my dog and the situtation was flipped, what would I do? How would I act? How would others help me?  I need to make sure Hunter gets the care he needs.

Hunter is by far the absolute best dog in the world.  He loves people, children, and other animals.  I know that all Hunter was trying to do was to go to the park to play, and be happy.  He wasn't trying to be a bad boy and not listen, he wasn't trying to run away.  He wanted to enjoy what he knew.  

My heart hurts to see him laying on the table in the ER, unable to walk, and having trouble breathing.

Hunter needs help.  I created this to tell his story and ask for any help friends and family can offer.  All donations will be going towards Hunter's cause.  His emergency bills are quickly pilling up, and he has yet to see the surgeon about his knee.  Please, every bit helps, and if any dog deseves a fighting chance it's Hunter.

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