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Despite Canadians' overwhelming opposition to fur farms, millions of animals are killed at Canadian facilities each year. These nightmarish compounds gas and electrocute minks, foxes, and other animals for their skins while dumping animal waste and toxic chemicals into waterways. Moreover, as minks can spread viruses to humans, fur farms place us all at risk. Since the pandemic began, there have been three COVID-19 outbreaks at mink farms in British Columbia alone. The government doesn't only allow these medieval facilities to operate--they prop them up. Fur farms are subsidized by millions in Canadian tax dollars. 

That's why our crew set out to make Real Fur , an investigative documentary that shines a light onto this largely unregulated industry. Once lawmakers sees what we uncovered, a federal ban on fur farms is possible. 


Shooting is wrapped, but we need to finish editing the documentary and that costs money. Film festival submission deadlines are only weeks away, so we desperately need your help. Not one more generation of animals should be born into a life of suffering on fur farms. 

We’re asking our allies to join the cause and give however they can. The film has already made great strides with sympathetic celebrities and lawmakers and has the potential to reach audiences outside of the activist community and bring about real, legislative change. Member of Parliament, Nathaniel Erskine -Smith, stands ready to introduce a fur farm ban, but the bill that can only pass with public support.


With your help, we’ve already garnered global attention and companies are taking note. At the launch of the #MakeFurFarmsHistory campaign, we saw compassionate people from around the world join the fight. Since the November 26 demonstrations, Rudsak, Moncler, and Dolce & Gabbana each announced they’re going fur free—but that’s no consolation to the millions of animals still trapped on fur farms across Canada.

If you're new to our mission, here's a bit more information about the Real Fur documentary:

Production began when director Taimoor Choudhry realized that the fur trim on his winter jacket was more than just raw material—that it was someone's skin. After meeting with animal rights experts, activists, attorneys, and First Nation representatives, Taimoor quickly learned about the fur farming industry and its cruel, dangerous, and horrifyingly unregulated practices.

Taimoor has committed to doing whatever he could to release Real Fur and make Canadian fur farms a thing of the past.

Your contributions will allow the small but mighty Real Fur crew to complete post-production work, including sound engineering and editing, and get this film in front of as many people as possible. The industry can’t silence us if we work together!

Thank you for helping making Real Fur. As activists, we know the value of every contribution and we couldn’t have gotten this far without the selfless dedication of folks who understand that nobody needs to die for a coat.

Let’s #MakeFurFarmsHistory, once and for all.

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