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'Fair & Balanced' Healthcare System


'JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH' is an independent, not for profit, voluntary - 'health awareness campaign'… the first of its kind to embrace all cultures, animals and the environment. Our goal is to expose ‘life threatening’ policies within the Health arena to give everyone the opportunity to take back control and personal responsibility for their life and healthcare needs. 

This year, we are calling for the Government to establish a Fair & Balanced Healthcare System by integrating 'Natural Treatments' (including Natural Foods, Traditional Herbs & Remedies, Nutritional Supplements, Holistic & Spiritual Practices) within the NHS, alongside Pharmaceutical Medication .

Current project: We are raising funds to ensure that founder Dounne Alexander’s 'NHS REFORM Proposal' is included in this years Parliamentary Review.

Project target: £4,200


Our Overall Aim...

is to reduce the rate of sickness; irreversible damage, unnecessary trauma & deaths in NHS care and offer greater Consumer Choice (especially where medication has failed) from which to meet the healthcare needs of our increasingly sick, diverse, multicultural population.

We also hope to bring an end to ‘medical abuse, discrimination’ and the ‘unlawful’ persecution, prosecution and imprisonment of Natural Health Practitioners, Manufacturers and Suppliers - whose lives, reputation, livelihood and health have been destroyed by Regulators (such as the MHRA), for using safe, effective, non-toxic Natural Treatments, to heal & improve their customers health without *A Medical License’.   *Please note: the MHRA authorise, produce, control & receive fees for their Medical License.   For examples read the recent case of David Noakes (GcMAF); and Joining Hands In Health - founder Dounne Alexander MBE (Zara’s Herbal Tea) - below.


The Problem.

‘Life-saving’  Natural Treatments are being cleverly censored, suppressed, banned, discredited and destroyed by the Medical Establishment and UK Regulators to hide the true benefits from the public. Both are funded by the Pharmaceutical Industry - who relentlessly lobby the Government to ensure ‘Laws & Regulations’ are created and enforced to protect their products, monopoly and profits.

Moreover and most importantly, many of the Natural Treatments affected have been used for centuries to improve health and have successfully healed conditions such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Autism, Epilepsy, Flu, Colds, Allergies, to name but a few.  Fitting examples are Cannabis, CBD Oil, GcMAF and Zara’s Herbal Tea.

This serious conflict of interest has even been acknowledged by members of Parliament, leading to allegations that the Regulators are ‘protecting Pharmaceutical profits over public health & safety’… which is putting the nation’s health at grave risk.

This devastating truth is one of the reasons why so many people across the UK and worldwide are suffering needlessly and dying prematurely, for ‘lack of knowledge, choice or access to Natural Treatments’. 

Our campaign and petition is not about bringing down the Medical Establishment or Pharmaceutical Industry, but about telling the 'truth' to change the status quo, from which to save the nation's health; lives; natural treatments and the National Health Service .

We are therefore raising funds to help create public awareness with a view to transform and bring about desperately needed change within the National Health Service.


The Solution

As the NHS belongs to YOU | ME | WE – ‘the people’,

it is up to us to ensure that it meets and serves our healthcare needs by establishing ‘a Fair & Balanced Healthcare System’.   And even though our campaign petition ‘THE NATION SPEAKS “NO! – Not In My Name” has exceeded the Government's 100,000 signature quota - to ensure success, we aim to achieve at least 1 million signatures for presentation as 'THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE'.

Founder - Dounne Alexander
has been invited by members of the House-of-Lords to contribute to this year's Parliamentary Review, to submit her proposal for NHS Reform. Her document entitled - 'The Blue-Print for 21st. Century Healthcare - with a vision to create a Sick Free Nation', will be launched in September and placed in the hands of over 500,000 'influential people' who may prove instrumental in helping us to accomplish our mission. ]

This will be a first for the NHS, and with your generous support and donations,
‘together’  we can make history - by 'revolutionising the Healthcare System'.


Your Support.


If (like us) you wish to see a 'Fair & Balanced' NHS for yourself  and loved-ones, please -

1. DONATE whatever you can afford.  (alternatively you can donate your 'time/skill' - *see below ).

2. ‘SIGN’  petition ‘THE NATION SPEAKS “NO! – Not In My Name” - today;

3. HELP SPREAD THE WORD - and encourage loved-ones, friends, colleagues and social media networks to do the same.  *Remember, spreading the word will be the key to our success.


How your Donations will be used.

Due to the controversial and potentially life-changing nature of our campaign & petition, it is impossible to obtain Government funding or Corporate sponsorship. Hence to-date, it is still primarily funded through sales from GRAMMA'S® Products,  but sadly, it is not enough.

Your donations will go towards... printing campaign brochures, leaflets, posters, stickers; postage; exhibitions; talks; postage; maintaining the campaign web and social media sites; plus £4,200 will also go towards the Parliamentary Review 2019 submission for NHS Reform.

We are also asking people to consider donating their...


to carry out tasks such as - (door to door leaflet drops to neighbours; or local Health Stores, Health Centres, Gyms, Petrol Stations, Tea/Coffee Shops, Cinemas, Churches, etc). 

OR 'SKILL(s)’:

for example - in March 2012, a handful of generous supporters, donated an hour of their time to star in our campaign video 'WHY ARE WE DYING TO BE HEALTHY?   

This informative video is helping us reach people across the globe, and we are extremely grateful to all who participated because without their support, the video would never have been made. This truly demonstrates what can be achieved when we all work together towards a common goal.

So we hope you are as excited as we are, about the goals of our campaign & petition.   We truly appreciate anyone who can help us raise funds – whether it be through making a donation; giving your time / skill(s); purchasing merchandise; adding our widget to your web or blog page; organising your own fundraising activities - or simply sharing our mission.

But whatever you decide, your support will help make a historic change in our Healthcare System – from which you, your loved-ones and the Nation will benefit.

For updates on our journey, please feel free to follow us on Facebook  | Twitter  | or join our mailing list .  

THANK YOU! once again for taking the time to read this story, and please remember to spread the word.  As the old saying goes : ‘EACH ONE | REACH ONE | TEACH ONE’.

With Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude & abundant Blessings
Dounne Alexander; GRAMMA’S and Joining Hands In Health Team.

I Am #RevolutionizingHealthcare  to get #NaturalTreatmentsInTheNHS



For over 100 years, Natural Treatments have been deliberately concealed to support and maintain Pharmaceutical profits, whilst putting the nation’s health at risk.  Moreover, behind closed doors, UK Regulators (such as The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ‘MHRA’), have misused and abused their powers to manipulate ‘restrictive’ Laws & Regulations, to ‘unlawfully’ persecute, prosecute, imprison and ruin the lives of Natural Health Practitioners, Manufacturers and Suppliers – under the guise of ‘public protection, health & safety’.

For example -

In 2009, Dr. Irwin Kirsch confirmed in his book ‘The Emperor’s New Drugs’ -

"As long as the Regulator (MHRA) in Britain is paid by the Pharmaceutical Industry,

we are not going to see fair play.”



In 2001 - The Committee on the Safety of Medicine (CSM), who advises the MHRA on which ‘drugs to license’half of its panel of experts (i.e. 17 of the 36 members) had personal financial links’ to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In 2013 – 15 Members of Parliament signed a motion calling for the replacement of the MHRA with an ‘independent’ Regulatory Authority, free-from the financial dependence of the Pharmaceutical Industry… citing that it was a ‘conflict of interest’.  [ MHRA – EDM 1197 Tabled 14 March 2013. ]

In 2014
– a group of leading doctors warned the Government that there is a ‘conflict of interest’ with NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) – reporting that two thirds of its panel of experts (i.e. 8 of the 12 members) were found to have a direct ‘financial interest’ in the Pharmaceutical companies making the drugs they recommend for prescription.

[ A MHRA document cited how it “cooperated well” with the Trade Association to lobby other European Governments and the European Commission on a review of legislation governing drug companies. This it states is “another example where the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the MHRA worked closely together”. ]

This is only the tip of the ice-berg, which not only confirms the serious ‘conflict of interest’, but also the scope of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s financial power, influence and control within the Medical Establishment and Governments.  Plus lack of accountability and transparency also leaves many to question the independence of the MHRA, as well as, the validity of UK Laws & Regulations.



The MHRA’s devastating actions are perfectly exemplified in the case of Mr David Noakes (founder & CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd) and his team of Research Scientists who developed an incredible ‘natural product’(GcMAF) , which healed hundreds of people with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and other conditions including Autism. 

After a 3 year ordeal of brutal harassment and intimidation: including being raided by the Police on 14 occasions (at times carrying machine guns); all of David’s savings were seized; plus his bank accounts and business closed … putting 4 scientists, 7 doctors and 27 staff out of work.  In November 2018, Mr. Noakes and 2 Scientists were then ‘fraudulently’ charged with 7 criminal offences and jailed for 8 to 15 months. They were treated more like criminals, instead of legitimate healers.  ‘WHY? – to keep ‘GcMAF’ off the market simply to prevent public ‘knowledge and access’, in order to protect Pharmaceutical profits.  

The bottom line is - The MHRA wrongly classified GcMAF as a MEDICINE, when in fact it was ‘a nutritional food supplement’.  Hence, David and his team were effectively jailed for the ‘crime of saving lives by natural means’.  The MHRA destroyed all supplies of GcMAF and subsequently over 200 of David’s customers, who depended on it for their survival, allegedly died. This was not only unethical and immoral, but also tantamount to legal abuse and crimes against humanity.   

It is good to note that before sentencing Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith remarked -

“I believe that the medicine GcMAF is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment.”

“I did not believe for one moment that David Noakes was a fraudster.  David Noakes is on trial for manufacturing and distributing an 'unlicensed Medicine'.”

The Judge then asked David -

“Knowing what you know now, would you again break the law, to bring this
medicine to market?”

David replied -

“Is it worth breaking the law to save lives? - Absolutely.”

According to the President of the National Health Federation Mr Scott Tips. ‘Instead of a Medal – they gave him prison’ 

An Open Letter was sent to Home Secretary - Sajid Javid, detailing his harrowing ordeal, however, Mr. Javid offered no support or assistance.

In support of David Noakes - a separate petition was set up asking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to grant him a Royal Pardon - #PardonDavidNoakes.
Similarly, Dounne Alexander MBE (founder of GRAMMA’S  and The Joining Hands In Health campaign  ), whose natural product Zara’s Herbal Tea - ‘a powerful immune strengthener, blood cleanser; alkalizer & energizer’, which also healed cancer and a wide range of other conditions… was immediately banned by the MHRA, after being approved by the Minister of Public Health for use in hospitals & hospices.  ‘WHY? - to keep ‘Zara’s Herbal Tea’ off the market simply to prevent public ‘knowledge and access’, in order to protect Pharmaceutical profits. 

In this case, The MHRA again falsely classified the Tea as a MEDICINE.  Dounne’s customers and their beloved animals also suffered unnecessarily and some died, due to the MHRA’s actions.  However, Dounne (being a committed Natural Health Advocate) was able to prove their incompetence and after in-depth investigations, sent an Open Letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister (Mrs Theresa May), in which she revealed 2 centuries of Medical deception; corruption; the 'hidden agenda' behind the cancer business; and the UK Regulators ‘unlawful’ actions. 

This whole experience was the inspiration behind her groundbreaking petition THE NATION SPEAKS – “NO! Not In My Name” … which aims to bring an end to the Pharmaceutical monopoly; medical abuse and to establish ‘a Fair & Balanced’ Healthcare System.

To truly understand just how long the public has been deceived, we are encouraging absolutely everyone with an interest in the health and well-being for themselves and loved-ones, to please take time out to ‘read the petition in full’, as well as, the Open Letters to the Queen  and Home Secretary, Sajid Javid 

End |

  - ❀ -
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Biog: Founder - Dounne Alexander:

'Sign' Petition : THE NATION SPEAKS "NO! Not In My Name"

Campaign Leaflets | Campaign Merchandise 

Open Letter to Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister (audio 1hr: 30min)

MHRA - Conflict of Interest:
ref. Paul Flynn MP "Early Day Motion 1197: MHRA". Session 2012-13. House of Commons. Retrieved 18 September 2013. 



Biog: (CEO) - David Noakes:

A true account: David Noakes and The MHRA
(*If you have read the vast Mainstream Media coverage on David Noakes', this eye opening account tells a very different story.)

‘Sign’ Petition : to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Pardon David Noakes 
(*please scroll down to the bottom of this article)



Biog: President - Scott Tips: 

Letter to Sajid Javid – (UK Home Secretary)  

Instead of a Medal they gave him Prison

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