Help bring Lumen home

I was hoping that I'd never have to do this again. As much as I've fundraised for other people in the past, there is something that feels embarrassing about having to do it for myself.

But I can't NOT bring my dog home. Not after everything I've had to let go of over the last 2 years. I'm not losing her too. 

As you might already know, I've been dealing with some major health issues for the last couple of years. Being so sick almost bankrupted our business, as almost every cent we made was poured into trying to get me well again. 

After fighting to recover for over a year in America, I made the difficult decision to leave, and come back home to Australia so I could heal in a place that was familiar, with people I loved.

And in making that choice, I had to leave behind a piece of my heart. My dog Lumen. My puppy. The light of my life for the last 5 years. I had to say goodbye to her in January this year, not knowing if we'd be able to get her back to Australia.

Australian Quarantine laws are insanely strict, so it was going to be at least 6 - 9 months before Lumen was back on Aussie soil, and that was IF she passed all her tests.

It was gut wrenching to say goodbye to her, I wasn't sure if she was going to pass her tests to come home, or if might be the last time I saw her.

After failing her first tests and giving me a heart attack in the process - she passed the rest of them in flying colours, and 5 months later Lumen was on her way to New Zealand. 

She was more than half way home.

This video was taken almost two months ago when we picked her up from Quarantine.

And now this is where it gets hard.

It cost us over $14,000 to get her to New Zealand. Thousands of dollars in vet fees, transport costs and paying a friend to take care of her. 

And now we don't have enough money to get her back to Australia.

I've just started working again after almost 2 years off work - and although my business partner Lauren has done an amazing job at keeping us afloat - our business has taken a hit while I've been recovering these last 6 months. 

We're on the cusp of running out of money - and the choice looks like this.

- Cut costs everywhere and keep the business running OR
- Potentially lose the business and get my dog home.

With our financial situation at the moment, we can't do both.

I can't destroy our livelihood.

And I can't not get my dog home.

Not after the last 2 years. It's unimaginable. I'm not letting go of my puppy too. 

And so I'm asking for your help to bring Lumen home.

I need $3300.

$850 - goes towards the person taking care of her in New Zealand for 1 more month.

$1800 - is for her transport costs back to Australia with Pet Transport NZ. The includes flights, her final vet visit / health certificate etc. I shopped around and this was the cheapest I could find.

$350 - is an estimate of the import duties we will have to pay on her arrival into Australia.

$300 - is to cover the Go Fund Me fees.

Anything you can give, whether it's small or large, will get me one step closer to bringing my puppy Lumen home. 

Please please please please help bring her back to me.

I am so ready to close this chapter of my life, create a wonderful little home for me and my puppy dog - and start building my life again.

And I want her by my side while I do it.

Thank you x

  • Michele Carter 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
  • Amanda Ashley 
    • $150 
    • 49 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $150 
    • 49 mos
  • Diana Fisk 
    • $76 
    • 49 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $25 
    • 49 mos
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