Help Genevieve finish her album!


I have been attempting to record my first E.P.  for over a year, now.  There has been adventure & fun with incredible musicians all over the globe, but in the end--to have a real product worth offering up to the public (one that truly showcases the music as it should be)--there HAS to be funding...

I have had the incredible fortune to align myself with some phenomenal musicians & have been introduced to a wonderful recording artist (who genuinely loves my music). Up til now I have been offering work-trade & what compensation my small pockets will allow...but we have finally hit the point where my limited resources just can’t cover all of it. Just covering basic recording costs will run anywhere from $1500-2500...that’s before I pay the musicians anything & that's just for an E.P. (not even a full length album) & believe me when I say i’m getting a helluva deal. We are also on a very, very tight schedule.

My hope is that, by allowing those who are interested to pre-order the album (or donate some extra, if you believe in this adventure & have the resources to do so), we can make something incredible to offer you all & I can pay (even a tiny sum) to these incredibly hard-working artists. If you choose to PREORDER your copy now ($5-10, sliding scale), you are acting as an integral part of it’s creation—this album LITERALLY cannot happen without you. By supporting us in this process, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of independent, professional artists & musicians.

Also, should you choose to donate more than the price of the album, know this...


- $5 to 10 gets you a copy of the album.

- $15 to 45 gets you the album + a hidden track.

- $50+ gets you the above plus a hand-written booklet of the lyrics + a bit of history regarding the songs & original artwork.

- $100+ gets you the above plus a personal Youtube video of an original song or folk song cover, dedicated to you.

- $250+ gets all the above + each of the Juniper & the Wolf T-Shirts when they are produced next year, plus any other albums or tracks that are produced over the next year.

Thank you for your time!

~ Genevieve (aka Juniper & the Wolf)


  • Ron Genise
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