Help Establish More JOBS for Youth in Palestine !

PROVIDE  important creative cultural JOBS for our Palestinian Youth behind the BIG Prison in West Bank of Palestine !

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Palestinian arts are impressive ... I am in a constant state awe of panic about it  .... because I see how our PROUD Generational CULTURE IDENTITY  of Palestinian  Artists is diminishing as the veteran artists are growing old ; leaving behind naive youth due to the current circumstances … the experts are soon dying and their creative legacy will disappear forever. 

IT IS VITAL THAT FUND NOW to establish a supporting base of constant supply and demand and training and hiring for these unique arts.

Here on this page, you don't only help in preserving the Culture and creating jobs ...  YOU can also GET  a Complete Unique Package of AMAZING Decorative Arts for Ramadan and Eid  gifts for you, your loved ones and dear friends !

There are  INTERESTING VIDEOS    at the End of this thread.

And you'll want to click on the  underlined words    "Read More"    to access more of the wonderful information.

Salam .... My name is  Bashaier 

I am an American Palestinian in my late 30s.
A Biologist   &  Certified Grey Water Installer in the Bay Area, California .

  Since 2015, I have been selling Palestinian Vintage & Generational Handmade crafts & Arts from the West Bank of Palestine,

Enable to Grow nutritious Edible Gardens using FREE water sources behind Apartheid Walls and in Drought Conditions, for families with children. 

Online website : Own&Adore

Etsy Shop : MysticLandPainted

Again I repeat to Emphasize  that 
25% of any Sale of these Palestinian Arts goes to Installing Grey water Systems in Family Gardens ; which is the Bio Filtering of slightly used water from the Home's Laundry and Bathing water, and safely Rerouting it to the Landscape or Veranda to Grow Nutritious Food Gardens for those Families…. Amidst INFLATION … let’s be honest we need these systems everywhere possible … and we need to be educating and encouraging families and growing food plants.


Five years ago, this Shop for Handmade Crafts & Arts in AlKhalil Palestine had 37 Employees ....

Now this shop only has 7 Employees :

Testimony from an Elderly Glass Blower from this Shop in  Alkhalil, Palestine about the lack of glass blowers and the lack of reachability and demand thereof after Covid and the Concrete Apartheid Wall and oppressor’s regulations and restrictions on Palestinians including high price to import export etc  :

The following video was taken before covid back in 1916

In the video you'll see dust on glass ... The dust on the art pieces is actually Soot from the Kiln's and is a good thing ... because it meant the Kiln was mostly lit and producing.

Interview with DEEN TV  at MAS-ICNA 2017

We the Palestinian Artisans, are in need of your support ... Without YOU ... this Creative can't move persevere. 

Dilemma ..
  It starts with our Mother City of Prophet Abraham { Ibrahim AlKhalil } ...   AlKhalil city is an ancient city in the West Bank of Palestine 


Over there in West Bank of Palestine ... The Major Oppressive Issue that has been going on ... under cover .... for TWO Decades now, is  APARTHEID ...
The construction building of a 
<< Four Meter Concrete Wall JAIL >>  surrounding the cities and villages ... Yes, with the oppressor's Soldiers Surveillance Gates, and very little Agricultural Land remaining on the Palestinian side, which is now trapped behind this large prison

... but also now ... it is APARTHEID Topped With COVID repercussions.

Regardless … allow me to share the  Potential as well  ! 

Entering into the 6th year of AlhamduliLah successfully promoting and moderately selling Palestinian arts online through Own&Adore and Etsy Shop MysticLandPainted. 

Let’s HIRE enough Younger Generations in regards to Blowing Glass ..

This beautiful stunning generational art Legacy  ... Their creative talents and sculpturing secrets of blowing glass carried on from Grandfather to Grandson ever since the time of the Greeks & Romans and onward , will eventually DISAPEAR in the ancient city of Alkhalil ..
Unless we TAKE ACTION NOW to train a bunch of creative youth on Glass Blowing.
  • Tourism in Palestine is at an all-time low after covid
  • And there aren't any proper encouraging facilities and programs amongst the educational institutions in Alkhalil city, that are funding the process of reimbursing the artisans if they train and coach the younger generation.
    Making it one harder thing to do in the given circumstances.
Let's help maintain this truly unique ancient art and create more Beauty-Spreading JOB VENUES for our youth in Palestine by:
  • PURCHASING more of their beautiful creations.
and by
  • Funding opening an Educational field in our Alkhalil universities exclusively for Glass Blowing.
Specifically, to enable having our AGING Palestinian artisans TRAIN & HIRE our YOUNGER Palestinian artists.

****That can simply become a reality through choosing to Shop from our venues and or Fund the training !

Vision …
Collage and University students in AlKhalil city of West Bank Palestine,  who see the emphasis put forth to this art, will hence focus on this art.
Encouraged by that to get Certifications and Jobs in Blowing Glass.

And through that inshaAllah , they'd see a bright future in Blowing Glass and can utilize the chance to spread their wings out into the world, as they maintain their creative culture.

Ladies & Gentlemen ... Brothers & Sisters ... I need your help so we can all see this coming through to fruition ....

Please Feel free to Fund whatever amount you can and get a Ramadan 2023 and Eid Gift from Own&Adore 

The following are some unique Ramadan Decoration items  and their fundraising value.

Please do support with as little or as much as you can. It is appreciated.

**** SHARING this GoFundMe Message will go a long way.

You can fund here from  this GoFundMe page  and then 

Contact us from our website at Own&Adore 

Sending us a Screenshot of your GoFundMe confirmation email  so that we coordinate shipping you your gift Big or Small... you will fall in Love.


You Can place a Purchase Directly from Own&Adore's online Shop, by clicking on the included links above the YouTube videos that are attached in the following.




Ramadan Crescent Deco LED Lights    Large & Tiny   Hanging Glass Ornaments . An  epicurean 2022  Wedding Deco :   



Arrives to any USA address in  8 - 14 days  from purchase


Ramadan 2022 Daily Suhoor and Iftar Time Tracker 

AlAqsa Masjid & Dome of the Rock :   $46

Ramadan Daily Time Tracker 

Arrives to any USA address in  8 - 16  days from purchase


Ayat AlKursi Ceramic Wall Art & Corner Plate :  $76

 Ramadan & Eid Deco Ceramics 

Arrives to any USA address in  8 - 16  days from purchase


Ramadan Oil Lanterns ~ Vintage  :  $89

Cute Hurricane Oil Lamps for Ramadan 

Arrives to any USA address in   4 -6  days from purchase


Checkout the cool Vintage CRYSTAL Stemware from Germany & France Which Palestinians Luster Stained from the 1960s - 1990s  ... and  myself trying to be of use in spreading World Peace :

You can Know more about the History of how we the Palestinians got this Durable Crystal Stemware at our Blog  Here 

Own&Adore sells Palestinian Arts to help implement Nutritious Agricultural Residential Food Sustainability practices in Palestine and in the state of California amidst the Drought season and Inflation.

Short Glimpse into the Journey of Grey Water Rerouting to Backyards, Front yards and Verandas ... to Produce  Edible Gardens for families  in AlKhalil Palestine since before 2017 :

I strive to install them Free of cost for families that are in need.

Simple Method of Grey Water Rerouting & Filtering is as follows :

* Rerouting and filtering that slightly used water from Home Laundry and bathing 
* Educating the families on what to use with their water as Biodegrading cleaning detergents etc.
* Educating the families on How to grow their Edible Gardens .


FREE  Fertile Water to Grow Edible Gardens.


Stay in Touch  Own&Adore follow us :






***Create  an Account to be exclusively Updated about the Arts you'd like Discounts on, from Here .

Online Palestinian Arts website :  Own&Adore 

Etsy Shop for Palestinian Arts :  MysticLandPainted 

25% of any Sale goes to Installing Grey water Systems in Family Gardens in CALIFORNIA as well.

Lightly Used Residential Water Rerouting & Filtering Services  in the Bay Area, California
Website :  Green Garden Water 

Stay in Touch with  GreenGardenWater follow us at :



Thank You for Your Interest in the Palestinian Arts and the preserving of the beautiful Handmade Culture ...  and for your support in Creating more Job opportunities in Palestine … All while SUPPORTING SUSTAINABILITY!

You are AWESOME.

Warmest Regards,
Bashaier Aljabari


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Bashair Aljabari 
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