Help Fund Nicole's Spine Surgery

Problem Statement:

I have been diagnosed with a rare birth defect of my spine; so rare that disability will not recognize it as a debilitating Syndrome. This condition is very pain intensive, but a solution is on the horizon.  This will require a huge assist from my family, friends and any others that find it in their heart to help me,

Over the past year this syndrome has drastically taken a toll on my life which includes my family life as well as my work life. I am limited to less than part time work and this fact alone is taking an immediate financial toll. The fact is, we as a family struggle to put food on our table and clothes on our children’s back and our bill paying is selective at best.

At times the inflammation gets so bad I’m bedridden for weeks. I need to have spinal surgery that must be done by a specialist who knows and understands my condition. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of these doctors that exist to date globally.

I have gone through numerous different types of treatments resulting in no relief. I have seen various doctors, from orthopedics, to neurosurgeons, to several pain management doctors; none have been able to help me.

I go through pain daily which exceeds a 10 on most days.  I still try to put a smile on my face for my young boys and get through my day each and every day.

If not properly taken care of, this condition will cascade and become progressive resulting in further issues later in my life which has the potential to put me in a wheelchair or even become bedridden.

This condition is called Bertolotti Syndrome: Bertolotti Syndrome 


The one doctor, that can help me is a doctor who does not accept my insurance and is considerably costly.  He is Dr. Arthur Jenkins, a neurosurgeon who is the ONLY qualified expert in this area for this condition.

There is no cure but only 2 surgeries are known to slow the degeneration of the spine and I am a candidate for only one of these surgeries. I need to have this surgery ASAP so I can obtain pain relief and get back to my normal family and work life.

Just the doctor fee alone is 58,000.00 and he is requesting 60% up front before I can be scheduled.

I am still young enough where a success percentage is higher where others that have waited too long still deal with issues from cascading effects from this syndrome.

At the point when I’m surgically repaired and thru the recovery process, I want to continue my efforts and bring awareness to this condition thru both social media and fundraising

Help: The ask…

I am a person of integrity and I am always willing to lend a hand never asking for anything in return.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. 

Now however, I’m asking for a lot of help.

Please I’m asking for your support in this so that I can have surgery, reduce the pain to where it is manageable and more bearable to live with.  I Thank you for your support in advance and my family thanks you.
  • Pamela Jones 
    • $200 
    • 45 mos
  • Stacey Zolofra  
    • $100 
    • 46 mos
    • $20 
    • 46 mos
  • Danielle Koelkebeck 
    • $100 
    • 46 mos
  • Kenneth Minnich  
    • $20 
    • 46 mos
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Nikki Siciliano-Vallejo 
Eatontown, NJ