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lABLEd Podcast is an independent podcast about disability, chronic illness, neurodiversity and mental health.

Launched in 2021, the project is currently entirely self-funded; we’re hoping our listeners will donate to help keep us going in the future!

Any funds raised by this will help pay the wonderful disabled and diverse artists, designers, and editors who have kindly contributed to the project and cover fees for recording sessions and promotion.

lABLEd is where disabled and diverse people can share their stories, and their voices are heard.

With contributions from a different guest each week, lABLEd will showcase the vast spectrum of life with health conditions and impairments, discussing how it shapes personal identities and opening up about the prejudices that disabled and chronically ill people face when you live with a label.

The show is an honest, funny, occasionally dark and deeply personal show that focuses on the diagnoses and definitions and instead looks at the wider lived experiences of the people living with disability and health differences.

We can keep asking challenging questions and giving this minority group a place to be heard with your support.

The hosts of lABLEd have disabilities, most of the team behind the scenes do too, and we want our show to reflect the real experience and diversity of the disabled and chronically ill community.

lABLEd is committed to discussing ableism, intersectionality, and black disabled identity as Alice and Lucy aim to inform, educate, and entertain. As well as talking to guests, we dedicate episodes to exploring the stories and representations of disability from the pages of both fiction and history in our History Lessons.

We work hard to ensure that the podcast is accessible to all across the board. All episodes are transcribed as standard and are released alongside the episode on the same day. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the accessibility experience for guests on our show too.

Meet the Team

Alice Evans - Cohost Alice has the sight condition Retinitis pigmentosa (RP). As a passionate campaigner for equality and access, Alice has decided to use her self-proclaimed ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey to start a conversation about how disability and difference are framed and perpetuated in society.

Lucy Wood - Cohost Lucy has Cerebral Palsy, is a disability & inclusion advocate, self-proclaimed “Four Wheeled Wonder Woman”. Lucy brings a wealth of experience and passion to the podcast. She hopes that lABLEd will show non-disabled people how hardworking, passionate, funny and capable people can be despite society’s perceptions.

Daisy Holder - Disability Historian History researcher and medical mystery, Daisy is lABLEd’s resident historian, helping Alice and Lucy deceiver facts from fiction during history swap episodes and teaching us about some of the most famous disabled people from history, as well as the interesting ones you’ve never heard of!

Adam Hull - Editor A Podcast is only as good as its editor! Adam is the one who brings the show together and makes it all sound coherent. When he's not editing our show, he looks after his dog Alfie with his Partner, Phil.

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lABLEd Podcast 
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