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My name is James Rose Jenkins and I'm a trans man, artist, and activist stationed in Northern Utah. I was raised Mormon, and still have active parents that only tolerate my identity. I don't have financial support from my immediate family for HRT or top surgery.

I hope to fund my legal name change, sex marker change, HRT consult appointments, testosterone prescriptions, top surgery consults, top surgery, and hospital fees through my art and the generosity of people like you.

Transitioning medically is expensive, especially in while in high school and college. If you choose to make a donation, or buy my art, I owe you so much. Trans people's mental health relies so heavily on their access to affirming healthcare. Unfortunately because insurance doesn't make this accessible, so many of us have to rely on crowdfunding.
Thank you for helping me.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my story, read on!
(Content warnings for suicide mentions, dysphoria, religious issues)

I came out to my friends in February of 2020, and came out to my parents in July of the same year. I had what you could call a traumatic coming out. I had the brilliant (read: terrible) idea of coming out to my parents in a panic while in the car on the way to the ER. I had overdosed in an attempt to take my own life just minutes earlier. I didn't get the love and hugs and reassurance I needed. I had to spend time in a psychiatric hospital, where I was only given a GAD diagnosis and no help with my gender identity issues, despite the severe dysphoria i was experiencing and the issues I was having with my parents. 

In a lucky turn of fate, my parents slowly came around, something I'm incredibly thankful for. Though they let me own a trans flag and call my me chosen name, my mother has called top surgery a form of self harm, and reminds me regularly that starting testosterone will ruin my life. 

I experience crippling gender dysphoria. My main sources of dysphoria are my chest and my voice. All the doctors and therapists I've spoken to in the last year have tried to recommend HRT to my parents, but that has never been an option for me while I'm still a minor. I've always been straight forward with my parents by telling them I will start the HRT process when I turn 18, for my own sanity. These past two years in gender-limbo have been actual hell. 

However as an unemployed student in high school, and in college come fall 2022, it's overwhelming. That's why I've chosen to ask for help, as stubborn as I am. 

Thank you so much for reading, 


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