Help for the Marshall Sisters

Hi my Names Shannon Murray and I’m fundraising on behalf of my Best friend Natalie Marshall to help provide for Natalie’s Sisters Shannon and Corrina- Mae who she had recently just got special guardianship over.  

On the 17th June 2022 we tragically lost Natalie aged 25yrs in a RTC so we are looking to help out as much as we can and make sure the girls are ok and don’t have to have any worries going forward since loosing Natalie. The girls are aged 14 and 17yrs old. 

Natalie had fought and worked very hard for a number of years to make sure both girls had better in life and had recently just been given special guardianship after caring for the girls for many years. 

Natalie would go above and beyond for these girls and anything they needed in life she would make sure they had regardless, they meant everything to her and it would mean the world to myself if we can help raise funds to take any pressures and stress off the girls with them still being teenagers & in education with limited family to help.

All money will be transferred into my bank then transferred across to the next of kins so that they can get the girls all essentials they need & too help out with uniforms, food, social activities, holidays ext everything that Natalie would have done for them if she was still here today. 

We are truly heartbroken by the loss off Natalie it has been felt by the whole community & we are all still so hurt and shocked. She really was one in a million a beautiful person inside and out who had so much going for her in this life. 

Any donations would be greatly appreciated and the family will forever be grateful for all the love and support shown to them during this difficult time.



Shannon Murray

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