Help for Rosie

On the morning of May 1st my mom, Rosie, was walking her dog, Daizie, when both were attacked and mauled by a pit bull. The dog savagely attacked Daizie then turned on my mom when she tried to save her dog. My mom was knocked to the ground, bitten and scratched up before the pit bull turned and attacked Daizie again.

Neighbors and people nearby heard my mom screaming. People shielded my mom and Daizie from the pit bull which continued to try to attack them.

The owner of the pit bull ran out of the back yard of the residence she is living at, grabbed the pit bull and drove off. The owner of the pit bull did NOT stop to assist my mom in any way or even leave information regarding her pit bull's vaccinations and shots. The woman and her dog quickly drove off and disappeared.

Daizie was rushed to the nearest Veterinarian ER where she was stabilized. I took my mom to the nearest ER where her bite and scratch wounds were treated. After having a CAT scan and x-rays, doctors found that my mom's tail bone was broken during the attack. A couple days after the attack the bite wounds became infected and mom was placed on antibiotics.

Tucson Police and Pima County Animal Control were immediately notified of the attack. Attempts to contact the pit bull owner have gone unanswered or ignored. KVOA broadcast the story on the May 5th 6:00pm and 10:00pm news (which is linked above).

Since the pit bull and its owner fled the scene of the attack and have refused to contact us with information on the pit bull's vaccinations, my mom may have to undergo rabies shots since we cannot verify if the pit bull is up to date on its vaccinations.

Mom is 82 years old and going through those shots will add additional suffering and trauma- not mentioning the potential side effects of the treatment which could be severe given her age and health.

My mom is on fixed income and cannot afford the increasing cost of treatment for herself and Daizie. We are asking for assistance in covering these expenses.

UPDATE: We had to rush Daizie to the ER vet. A section of the wound the size of a quarter/half dollar did not take to treatment. The tissue died and is starting to go septic. Daizie is undergoing surgery to remove the dead tissue tonight (3/9/18). She will have a wet bandage that needs to be changed every 48 hrs and the wound will be incrimentally closed over the next 3 weeks. The vet bills for treating this attack are mounting (this time by another $1200.00 just for the proceedure). Please help if you can.


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