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Update July 17, 2018 So I know it's been a while since I have updated this but that's because we are trying to do what we can with what we have but I need y'alls help. My dad just had to pay over 2 grand to fix one of his vehicles, this wasn't money he had, he had to borrow this from my grandmother and so he has to pay her back plus the additional bills he has on top of it. Please read my dads blog post at Please help my family. This has been a really hard year on us and we still haven't recovered. My dad is still in a tent, how property still doesn't have running water or electricity. We need your help. If you can't donate this please share our campaign. Update as of February 9, 2018: So many of you may or may not know that I was on the news recently talking a little bit of what my family and many others are going through. I'm been trying to reach out to many different news/social media outlets to get the word out that we still need help. If you want to see the news story I will attach the link on this update. If you want to help with donating, volunteering, or getting the word our you can email me at [email redacted]. If you can't donate or volunteer please share this so we can spread the message and hopefully someone else who can help will see this!!! Thank you for all the help so far! Help spread the word!    Update as of January 15, 2018: Howdy everyone, sorry I haven't been updating on here as much as I like to. Life is hard and we are trying to get by. With the money that was raised we were able to get my father a vehicle and other necessities. Unfortunately, my family is still needing help, my dad is trying to get electricity back onto the property so they can get off the generators and we are needing funds/materials to try and rebuild his home too. I am going to attach a link of my dad's newest blog post stating exactly what has done with the money that's already been raised and what he still needs help with. I know many of you have already donated but if you could share my campaign that would be appreciated. You can also email my dad at [email redacted].. thank you for reading donating and check out my dad's blog he has way more information then I do.…/update-on-my-familys-sit… UPDATE AS OF  SEPTEMBER 5, 2017: Thank you for everyone who has donated. Unfortunately, my family can't seem to catch a break. Last night I was driving back to Corpus Christi  on HWY 35 from Rockport, and between Aransas Pass and Portland there were 4 cows on the highway, I was going 62 MPH and I tried to slow down but I lost control of my car and it rolled 4 times with me inside of it. My vehicle was the only vehicle that was being used to help my family since they lost their vehicles to storm so now we are all out of a mode of transportation. If you could possibly help us, it would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: I BUMPED OUR GOAL UP TO $2000. REALLY TRYING TO GET MY FAMILY AT LEAST A VEHICLE BECAUSE NOW MY SIBLINGS ARE IN SCHOOL BUT HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING THERE. At this time I’m just putting up a goal of $1,000 dollars just to see if that amount can be fund-raised but my family needs so much more than that. Please help, any little thing helps. Normally I wouldn’t make this but I don’t know what else to do at this moment. You can read more about the damage and what my family need by reading my father's blog My father's twitter is if you would like to tweet him, it goes straight to his phone Hello, My name is Mary Anderson and I am making this account to help my family because Hurricane Harvey destroyed their home. My dad is disabled and also a veteran, my mom is disabled, and I also have 4 younger brothers ages 21 (has autism), two 16 years olds (they are twins), and the youngest is 14.   On August 25, 2017 around 10 pm Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in the small town of Rockport, which is where my family resides. Rockport was hit with winds up to and over 130mph and massive amounts of water. This storm left a devastating amount of destruction. At the time of the hurricane, my family wasn’t able to evacuate so my family rode the storm out at my grandma’s brick house, which has little damage. Thankfully, no one in my family was injured during the storm. Once the storm had passed over and it was daylight outside, my family went to go check on their homes. Nothing, could have prepared my family for what they were going to see. My dad went to go see his home and it was just a shell of what his home used to be. Most of his roof was missing, the floors were falling through, majority of the windows were broken, some walls tumbling in, and all of my dad’s and siblings’ belongings were scattered throughout the home, destroyed from all the water and wind damage.  My father’s home cannot be salvaged. In addition to my dad’s home being destroyed, all of his vehicles, especially his suburban were also destroyed. So my dad doesn’t have a vehicle to transport his family anywhere.  The amount of damage that was done to his vehicles would cost more than they are worth and because of this my family no longer has a reliable vehicle.   My mother went to go check on the status of her home and what she saw was a heart wrenching sight. My mother no longer has a home, there were no walls, no roof, nothing, just her belongings littered all throughout her yard, nothing protecting her stuff from the elements. My mom’s vehicle is also damaged and her transmission has now started to go out. My mom has absolutely nothing right now, except the items that I or other people have given her but she no longer has a place of her own. Both of my parents are disabled and both them and my 4 younger brothers, Matthew (21, autistic), Mitchell (16 twin), Miles (16 twin), and Malachi (14 youngest) have lost everything, because of this storm, including instruments and computers. On top of this tragic event, on September 1, 2017, while I was in the Emergency Room, my cousin Brandee had informed me that my Grandpa Trapp (Gary) had passed away at 5:20 am from cardiac arrest. Grandpa Trapp was my mother’s last biologically parent that was alive and my family’s last living grandfather.  My mom lost her father the day after her 50TH birthday. So at this time my mom has truly lost everything except her children. This has been a very trying time for my family. So I am asking if anyone could please donate towards my family. They have already applied for FEMA but at this time my families is homeless and are without a reliable vehicle too. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be used to assist my family  to getting back on their feet by hopefully getting them into a home again and at least one relaible vehicle. Thank you and God Bless.
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