After the Fires: Support Rohingya Families



10 JANUARY 2022

On a day when it seems the international news media are in a frenzy about whether leading tennis player Novak Djokovic will have the right to stay in Australia,  spare a thought for those less celebrated individuals and communities seeking rights to remain and access to a safe home.

Yesterday, 9 January 2022, fires devastated the makeshift shelters  of hundreds of Rohingya  refugee families in Bangladesh. So far no deaths have been reported but children are missing and families are living outside in the bitter cold exposed to the elements.

Our project has been trying to chronicle the dreadful living conditions of our friends in Kutapalong and other camps in Bangladesh.

We have been so moved by what we have witnessed, albeit from afar, that we’ve been doing fundraising.

 Do send even a small donation if you can. Even £1 can buy a warm blanket for a homeless family or food for a couple of days.

We know that every penny goes directly to support families as we work really closely with trusted intermediaries in tne camps who, sadly, have lost trust and confidence in the humanitarian organisations.

Back in summer we raised some funds for flood victims that helped (see initial message below) now we are on another fundraising drive so please take a moment to learn a little more about ‘we, the forgotten people’ - that’s how  my friend MZ describes his ‘community people’. Help him to help others.

Check out our blogs and videos on and just search Rohingya for more information 

Here’s what we wrote after the summer floods


JULY 2021

Floods and landslides in July 2021 killed 6 Rohingya refugees and left thousands homeless in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Floods expose the extreme vulnerability of Rohingya refugees as climate change combined with massive cuts in Aid wreak havoc on their lives. Fires earlier this year also left thousands homeless, poor quality water, insanitary conditions, poverty limited access to education mean life can be unbearable for Rohingya refugees - some of whom are currently on hunger strike in protest at their lack of human rights. They feel themselves to be "the forgotten people". All this during the pandemic. Over the last year our project has been gathering accounts of their lives which are available on our website of you'd like more information. Since 27 July 2021 we have been receiving heart breaking WhatsApp texts, photos and videos from refugee friends in Kutupalong Rohinga refugee camp of the devastation caused by the floods - you can see that on the video gallery on our website. If you wish to help flood victims build their homes, please consider donating to this GoFundMe. Our Covid Chronicles project is working directly and closely with flood victims. Every penny donated goes directly to homeless. We are aiming to raise £1000 by end of September which would make a small but significant contribution to help

Thank you

Marie Gillespie

Project lead, Covid Chronicles from the Margins

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