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Help fleeing families in Rafah, Gaza strip.

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Hi, my name is Amro Abdallatif, and I am currently in the UK.

My wife Nour and I decided to start the Saed (ساعد) Campaign to help displaced families in Gaza.

Saed as a noun in Arabic means "wrist" and as a verb means "assist" and that's the inspiration for our logo.

And here's our story:
All my family is in Gaza and everyone I know as well. So far, my cousin Hiba was killed by an airstrike with her entire family (her husband and 3 children), and also 2 of my cousins Hosam and Yaser were injured in Gaza city in the North of Gaza Strip.

No aid, or food, or anything can reach the North, especially as it is completely isolated. So only our prayers can help there, and the push for a ceasefire.

However, my brother Ahmad Abdallatif (featuring in the cover photo) is on the ground in Rafah (South of Gaza) and I was able to find a method to send him money to purchase aid packages and distribute to families in need, especially among the emerging refugee camps and schools full of evacuees.

Also, my wife Nour's aunt was killed with her husband and her children (except for 2) and grandchildren by 3 Israeli airstrikes on their house.

Nour's family is still in the Central Area in Nuseirat Refugee Camp, and the way between that place and the Southern area (namely, Khan Younis and Rafah) is almost completely closed at the moment, and we have access to them as well so they can help those around them.

We managed to get the first batch of aid on the ground in Rafah distributed to displaced families as part of our campaign.

Here's our Instagram page on which we share all details of our work on the ground and receipts and everything.
Please follow and share it!

The money will be sent using Western Union and Moneygram because these seem to be the easiest ways right now to send money to Gaza.

The aid packages will include the following:
Vegetables, drinking water, medical aid, and clothes.
Each package is around £200 and is handed to a family of 5-6 people. And we will constantly be updating as the situation keeps unfolding and all updates will be on our Instagram page.

Depending on the situation of the family in need, we will either hand them the aid package, or hand them some money to purchase their needs on their own, especially as funds are scarce.

I don't usually do this, but we really need to help people out as much as possible, as the situation keeps worsening, especially with pouring rain these days on tents and the dire need of winter clothes, food, and drinking water, especially among evacuees who were not able to bring anything from their homes when they fled, as anything they brought was confiscated by the Israeli army. We will start with people and families we know that are in need, then expand as funds allow.

And remember please. Donations are only one method of helping, but right now, the most important method of helping is awareness, so even if you donate, please keep posting and talking about Gaza and Palestine, and pushing for a ceasefire.


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