Help Fille become a programmer

Hi, my name is Felicia, or MissFille as I'm more commonly known. I'm fundraising for the tuition to get an education in programming. This course is approximately 80 hours long, and I can do it in my own pace which makes it so I can keep my normal job and therefore still be able to afford rent, food, and taking care of my cats without getting myself in debt. I am already paying off some loans, so saving for anything else right now is basically impossible for me.

The reason I want to become a programmer is both because it's something that interest me, but also because it's something I can work with anywhere in the world. This means I possibly could move closer to my friends or family, and it would also make it possible for me to work with something I've always dreamed of; game development.

As many of you know, gaming has always been a big part of my life. It's what's kept me company during hard and lonely times, what's helped me improve my english, what's made me find some of my best friends, and something that's helped me find myself. To be able to develop games myself, so that I could help others the same way I've been helped through gaming, would be an absolute dream.


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Felicia Thyrén