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Help fight water crisis in Mabutweni, Zimbabwe

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Please donate to Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) to help the city of Bulawayo, the 2nd largest city in Zimbabwe. AOS is an award-winning charity, protecting and safeguarding ethnic minority women and children since 2013. With the help of 109+ volunteers and 200 members, we have delivered over 500 success stories. Please feel free to visit https://aosuk.org to learn more about our work.

However, now comes our most recent challenge: A population boom, coupled with a lack of investment in amenities and a water crisis, has led to the residents in the city, and especially those who live in the suburb of Mabutweni to live in subpar conditions.  We only have running water once a week. In the suburbs of Mabutweni, water is received every second or third week.

This is an area of great concern because of the close living quarters - “As many as eight families can share a single toilet and shower, which sometimes don’t work, but the problem is that this has been going on for so long, it seems futile to talk about it” lamented an elderly woman.

What is the solution to this water crisis? - A borehole

A borehole is a deep, narrow well that taps into naturally occurring underground water, and provides a water supply. This is urgently needed for the community and will have the capacity to serve 20,000 people.

A borehole costs approximately £7000, and will take a couple of weeks to build. Any donation is paramount to us and immensely appreciated. Your donations will help provide water to 20,000 people. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE - Project has started:
With the current total donations of £1243 (many external donations given through other channels), we have started preliminary planning and drilling of the borehole. 
The outstanding funds would finance the installation and casing processes. 
Thank you for all the help so far.

Read more about it here:

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