Help Lend Robotics Kits to Kids!

How much does a LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Kit for Kids cost? You might guess 50 or maybe even 100 dollars.

$399. That is the starting price of a LEGO robotics kit for kids, without accounting for the other materials they might need such as a laptop. 

Many children who live in lower-income households simply do not have the disposable income to purchase these robotics kits that could be the first step in developing their interest in STEM.  Who knows how many children haven't found their passion for STEM yet simply because they lack the resources to even get started! 

Help Equal Access Robotics distribute LEGO Robotics kits on a borrowing basis to children in underprivileged neighborhoods in and around Oakland, California (and hopefully to more places across the world soon). 

Funds will go directly to purchasing materials for the Equal Access Robotics team to create cheaper alternative robotics kits that can reach more students as well as buying LEGO Robotics kits that can be lent to the students.

We're starting with a goal of $4,000, which will put 10 LEGO kits or 100 of our self-made kits into the hands of low-income students! 

Read more about us here

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