Help Emerson, Leo & Mitchell

I am training a group of amazing people from my fitness group, Commando Fitness UK Ltd. to do Hastings Half Marathon 2018.

I am unable to do the run due to serious long term injury, so I wanted to put my time in to helping people train instead by putting on a free running club.

These wonderful people and me are out training in the wind and rain early mornings and weekends to raise money to help three different children and their families!

We would like to donate the first £500 to Mitchell, 4 in February (Hastings) to provide sensory equipment and state of the art CCTV equipment for the Mitchells room.

The sensory equipment will give Mitchell an area of the bedroom where he can have soft play and a calm and safe area. The CCTV Is to allow him freedom as at the moment Mitchell has to have 24 hour accompaniment. The CCTV will allow him to play on his own in his room which will help with his development.

Mitchell, living with his grandmother, has a mass on his front temporal lobe causing him to seizure often and need 24 hour supervision. He is currently awaiting an operation to try and remove the mass but the damage has been done and the change in his personality and character and development has been immense and is permanent and has caused him to be diagnosed as autistic as his brain has rewired itself. The quiet, laid back, placid little boy that once was has now been taken over by a very angry, oppositional and aggressive little boy. He has struggled with his development although doctors believe under all the characteristics he's an amazingly bright boy.

There are multi-sensory toys, such as devices that project lights on to the wall that his carers believe will help alongside many other soft toys created to help calm autistic children and perhaps these toys, coupled with some independence will really help him.

And the rest I would like to split between Leo (4, Hastings) and Emerson Grant (3, Weybridge).

Both of these children’s parents are trying to raise huge amounts of money, money which we cannot raise alone but anything we can give them will be a massive help.

Leo, aged 4 and from Hastings has Hemiplegia and needs a life changing operation in America to help give him a better quality life unaided and pain free. His family are trying to raise £75,000 and have already raised £46,000, including the £7,000 we raised for him last year.

Emerson Grant, who is from Weybridge in Surry but has family in Hastings and Bexhill, was mis-diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst on his spine, which resulted in him being paralysed with a spinal cord injury. He was on the 15th December.

Emerson still has no feeling in the lower half of his body, he will require years of rehabilitation and it is not known if he will walk again.

Emerson’s family have two goals – the purchase of a FES bike and the funding of specialist therapy in America. The bike is £17,000 and the therapy is tens of thousands. So far the family have been very proactive and raised over £7,000 but there goal is £100,000.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) applies small electrical pulses to paralyzed muscles to restore or improve their function. The user pedals the bike using FES-stimulated leg muscles and therefore builds the lower half body strength that is lacking.

I would like to try to raise £4,500 to massively help these three Children.
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