In Remembrance of Eddy Parker

Eddy is back home now. The surgery was a success.  He is slowly working on his recovery with a 9 inch scar down the middle of his back.   He is receiving Physical Therapy a few times per week to help build back his muscle and to help with his left leg. The left leg is basically useless as result of removing the lymph nodes, the leg is more than double the size of the other leg.  Eddy is unable to go up and down the stairs in his home. He has to go to his mother's house to take a shower.   He is receiving short term disability but this is so minimum that it doesn't even help pay the bills.    He is not eligible for long term disability until June.  He is struggling to stay afloat.   If you are able to help in any way, we are grateful.   This site does take a very small percentage of the donation, so if you want to donate directly or you do not have a credit card, reach out to Eddy or his mother, Darlene Parker to get that to him.  If you would like to know what other needs are, please reach out to them directly.  Every little bit helps tremendously.  If you can do a fundraiser at your work or with your friends that would be helpful too.
Who would have thought at 38 years old he would be diagnosed with cancer.   He has been nothing but strong and positive through all of this.  I don't know anyone who could have the strength he has shown through all of this.  He is a fighter. Let's help him with this fight, keep his family in their home, fed, and warm while he fights the toughest fight of his life.   He has always been a hard worker and he worked up until he absolutely could not physically work anymore.  Please find it in your heart to help him and his family. Share with your families and friends, encourage them to help.  Thank you so much. 

Eddy is back in the hospital once more.  The pain again was unbearable.  They decided to do surgery on his back and successfully removed the cancer around his spine and placed some metal pins to secure it to keep it from pressing on the nerve.  He has to stay in ICU for a little bit, then will be moved to a room. He has to stay in the hospital for a little while  the scar is quite  huge in the middle of his shoulder blades.   He is still recovering but we are hopeful that his pain will decrease.  He won't be able to go back to work, probably ever.   

Here we are two years later and the fight continues.   Things are only getting worse for Eddy as he fights this horrible disease that is eating away at his body.   Things have gotten pretty tough these days.  He just spent almost a week in the hospital in severe pain. They have given him so much pain med that they are concerned for OD.  His short term disability is so little that they can not pay bills, and they are not letting him go on long term disability until June 18th.   That is going to make it very tough on him and his family.  He continues to fight.  The physical pain is unbearable for him at times.  The pain continues in the back and now he has pain in his chest, which causes his body to convulse and become weak, causing him to fall.  They gave him an epidural last week and that has decreased the pain a little.  He is wearing a back brace and using a walker and is still barely able to stand up.  His home is not designed for a walker or even a wheelchair.  His baby just turned two this weekend.  We are still hoping for a miracle.  He has two teenage daughters as well.   If you can find it in your heart and you can spare a little to help, we ask that you contribute to this fund to help his family get through to June when he can start his long term disability.   We thank you in advance. 

Help Eddy with bills as he fights cancer once again!  AGAIN!

He we are again.  It just doesn't seem to end.  They lymph nodes in his hips had to be removed. This caused his leg to swell twice the size of the other one. It has been very uncomfortable.   
The Chemo is NOT working and they have decided to stop that treatment. They side effects are worse than the pain sometimes.  
Now, they found tumors on his spine and in his neck.  The one on his spine has caused fracture in the vertebrae and causing him extreme pain.  Besides tons of pain meds they have decided to try radiation to shrink the tumors to give him some relief from the pain. In addition, the one on his throat is pressing his airway.   
He is the bravest person I know.  he is strong and positive.   I am amazed at how he is handling., 


My younger brother, Eddy, only 39 years old, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer in June 2019.  This was shocking news to everyone. Doctors were surprised since it is not as common in people this age.  He even volunteered to do a PSA to help encourage younger people to get checked for Colon Cancer.

He is the second youngest in a family of 6 kids.   I am very proud of the person he became. He works hard, stays clean and he always helps out our parents and anyone who asks. 

After the diagnoses, they decided that he would get Chemo and Radiation to shrink down the tumor before doing surgery.  This was pretty scary because the doctors said it was pretty bad.  He had waited so long to go to the doctor that it had grown pretty huge. 

Knowing that he would be having surgery and not be able to work for a while, he began working more and more to save up for the time he would be recovering.  

About one week after getting the diagnoses, he found out that he was expecting a baby.   This was going to be a tough year but my brother is pretty stubborn and wouldn’t let this get him down.  He stayed positive through the process and determined to beat it.    

He endured 12 weeks of Chemo and Radiation.  He was a trooper. His baby was delivered February 25th.  They wanted him to meet his baby before his surgery.  In early March they operated to remove a good section of his colon.  He spent 13 days in the hospital recovering and went home with an ostomy bag.

While he was in the hospital, he was allowed to have one visit with his new born son.   After the 13 days, he was able to return to home but he would have to be out of work for eight weeks.   He had saved up some money to prepare for the recovery time but that has run out.

He returned to the hospital to have the ostomy bag removed and reattach his colon.   His struggle is not being able to work to pay his bills.   

Being so young and diagnosed with colon cancer, he was interviewed by the local news to share his story and to encourage everyone to get tested even younger than what is traditionally the normal age for testing.  He reached out to all of our family and strongly encouraged everyone to get tested.

The recent death of Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman at age 43 in August, was quiet upsetting for Eddy.  Chadwick had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in 2016, and his passing this year was shocking to so many.  Colon Cancer rates are increasing among adults younger than 50 yrs.  

In November, after some test they found more cancer cells. It turns out they found three lymph nodes that are cancerous. The doctor has decided to treat it very aggressively with Chemotherapy. 

He has been working two jobs to try and catch up from all the time he was out of work.  He has started the second round of Chemotherapy for the new cancer. The problem is that this Chemo is so strong it is really kicking his butt.  It is making him very sick.  He has not been able to work his second job because he is so sick.  He is also having a hard time even working the one job.  We aren’t sure he will be able to continue working through this treatment since he has only had one treatment and he is very sick.  He has three more treatments to go.  He has a rash all over his body and he is very ill due to the treatments.

We need your support during this difficult time.   Times are going to be really tough for a while and I hope that you will consider giving a little to help him out during his treatments and when he is unable to work.  The money will be used to help him pay his bills.  These treatments are making it difficult for him to work and he used all his savings during his last cancer treatment.  Thank you in advance.
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