This is for a friend of mine who doesn’t believe “there is much sympathy for a 59 year old , single , permanently disabled man .”
This was his post this morning in a crypto coin traders group on Facebook . He was looking to make his own money for a much needed surgery , even if it meant risking what little he has .
“Just transferred my Coinbase coins to Bittrex so that I could do some trading for coins that actually do some serious moving. Here's the deal, I need to raise $6,000 for a heart operation to have a defibrillator inserted. Without it, I could keel over anytime. I currently have $1K in LTC, which alt-coin do I have the best chance with of reaching my goal by the end of the year or would I be better off buying an insurance policy to cover my funeral costs? Any genuine guidance greatly appreciated. You'll be saving a man's life.

I do have a Medicare Advantage insurance plan. However, my deductible is $6,000, which is my goal. I am a permanently disabled, single, white, male of 59 years. Heart disease is but one of a multitude of medical issues I have. So far in 2017, I have had to spend out of pocket more than $10,000 for my medical care, most of which is attributable to very expensive medications.

So far, a lot of people have given me some good advice and I greatly appreciate it. I also appreciate those who have posted their concern for my health but did not offer advice. You have kind hearts of your own. However, some have posted comments that while not outright mean, weren't exactly helpful either. I forgive you.

Some have suggested I get a loan. That's a non-starter. After being seriously ill for 17 years now and up until I got disability benefits 4 years ago, I had had no income, savings, or investments left as I had to cover some major medical bills. I lost my business, my home, my car, and most all of my possessions. So, my credit rating is abysmal, not to mention the fact that my monthly disability income is barely enough to cover rent, utilities, a loan used to reestablish and furnish a place for me to live on my own again, my medical bills, deductibles, and food. My 22 daily medications alone have cost me over $10,000 out-of-pocket so far this year. So I can't afford another loan payment anyway.”

He went on to explain his situation in detail -

“ I had a massive heart attack in 2011 which I barely survived. I was kept sedated for 4 days while they tried to decide what to do. The heart surgeon refused to do a by-pass operation because my heart was so weak. They finally woke me up after those 4 days, asking me to sign a release agreeing to have stents put in my heart, 5 of them. They said I had a 50-50 chance of surviving but I had no chance otherwise. Nice thing to wake up to...not. Still only half awake, I told the doctor to do what he thought best. A day later I woke, feeling better, and hungry since I hadn't eaten in 5 days. The surgery was a success and I felt incredible for 6 months.

I was hospitalized again for 18 days in early 2012 due to congestive heart failure. They pumped me full of diuretics, stuck long needles in my back to drain fluid from around my lungs, and stuck a long tube into my chest to drain fluid from around my heart. I lost 50 lbs in fluid weight over that 18 days. Doc said I was lucky to survive again. I've been OK since then. I have been on supplemental oxygen 24/7 and a ton of medications since the heart attack.

Then, this past June I had to undergo a nuclear stress test to measure my heart's performance. It did not go well. My heart is extremely weak, with an EF rating of 30-35%. Thirty percent is when they hospitalize you. The doctor told me that if my heart went into affib, because it is so weak, I would pass out and likely die. In my condition, it could happen at any moment. So he told me I needed a defibrillator to shock my heart back into a normal rhythm if it did occur. I was scheduled for the surgery about 2 weeks later but then the hospital called me and told me that the operation would cost about $100K for a person without insurance. However, since I had insurance, all I had to do was cover the deductible and insurance would take care of the rest. She told me that my deductible is $6K. I almost fainted then and there. I did not have that kind of money, could not borrow it, and my siblings are simple, poor folks who barely have 2 pennies to rub together. I was SOL. I canceled the surgery and here I am today, having some palpitations and my time is running out.

I am pretty much homebound except for trips to the doctor and pharmacy. I even have to get my groceries delivered as the physical exertion of getting cleaned up and going shopping is just too much for me. I live alone, with only a little Yorkie to keep me company. I dote on her and she dotes on me. She keeps me happy...most of the time. I have 2 sisters that live about 20 minutes away but I don't see much of them unless they need something from me. My mom lives about 20 minutes away too, in a nursing home. I haven't seen her in 2 years.

For the 3 years prior to mom going into the nursing home, I lived with her and took care of her until it became too much of a burden on me in my own condition. I don't have any friends anywhere near me. I lived in Atlanta until I was no longer able to take care of myself. Then in 2008, I moved in with one of my sisters here in Charleston SC, even though I was a huge burden on her and her family, and then moved in with mom 5 years ago. When I could no longer take care of her, I had to move out and find a place of my own.

It's been a hard and painful 17 years, since 2000. I applied for social security disability in 2008 and finally won my case in 2014. It took 6 years, 2 court sessions and 3 appeals to get them. Despite all the suffering and hassles of the last 17 years, I very much want to live and hopefully get better. I'm counting on the rapid advancement in medical care to one day soon regrow the damaged parts of my heart. However, my heart is only one of the conditions that I suffer from.

When I became ill 17 years ago. I was diagnosed with an extremely painful degenerative nerve disease called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). It started in my feet but over the years it has spread to my all of my legs, arms, and hands. It has left me a virtual Unic, incapable of sex of any kind, with a complete loss of feeling in my groin. I am fortunate in that the medications I have to take have also killed my libido.

The disease has also spread into my motor nerves, resulting in muscle atrophy and weakness in my legs, arms, hands, and back. It is also affecting my autonomic nerves, thus my heart and digestive issues. It is a progressive disease which spreads slowly and painfully. I also have bouts with Sciatica that force me to bed because it is so painful.

I was also diagnosed as diabetic 17 years ago, which is another whammy on my heart. I take a boatload of medications just to keep it under control. In addition to that, I have lost bone mass in my spine (and 3 inches in height) and have two compressed disks. I also have a fracture in my back from a fall I took down my front stairs in 2007 when I lost my balance.  Somehow, I re-fractured my back in June along the original fracture line and although it has since healed, it remains quite painful if I have to stand more than a few minutes.

I look fairly normal on the outside, except for looking much older than I am. I have almost no teeth in my upper jaw because of tooth decay caused by dry mouth from the narcotic pain killers I have been taking for 17 years. I need to get either dentures or implants but I can't afford them either. I'll soon have to eat baby food if I don't do something about them though, but the $3K to $10K it will cost is beyond my reach.

Finally, I have vision problems and desperately need new glasses. I can't afford those either. My budget is so tight that I often run over it, and have relied on the remainder of my lump sum disability payment to cover it. It's almost gone now  and with prices of food, insurance, housing, and medical rising so rapidly. My medications cost over $1000 a month. My rent is $1000 a month. My utilities, food, life insurance, Rx insurance, home, and auto insurance, etc run about $1000 month. I only get $2400 a month in disability benefits and cost of living increases have been little to none so my buying power decreases every year.

I am searching for every penny I can save by reducing my costs but even if I could cut out a few hundred dollars, I'm still over budget. I am fighting a losing battle and I don't know what to do about it. I don't really feel comfortable setting up a gofundme account but I may have no choice if I can't find somewhere to invest what money I do have left that can consistently generate additional income for me. I had hoped to one day buy a cabin on a lake somewhere so I can spend the rest of my days, however many they may be, in peace and quiet and maybe doing a little fishing. I guess that dream has died too.”

Any cash amount is appreciated here as well. Please let’s show Ed there is much empathy . Blessings xx

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