Help Ease Clarisa's Medical Bills For Her Husband

My name is Kevin Espiritu, and I run a company called Epic Gardening.

One of my most devoted team members, Clarisa, has worked for Epic Gardening since the beginning as a research assistant. She's one of the sweetest and most caring people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, is a mother of three beautiful children and a wife to her husband Jhune.

Here is a photo of her and her family:

Sadly, her husband Jhune is not doing well and is currently in the hospital for brain issues that are still to be fully determined.


"It all started with a simple headache before the lockdown in the Metropolitan area of Manila. Jhune had an office executive check-up before and all of the results were all favorable. The last thing on his mind was to go to ER, in fear of catching and bringing home a virus. For 3 months, headaches continued and he thought he just missed his visit with the opthalmologist.

2 weeks ago he purchased progressive eyeglasses and the headache still did not go away, even with pain relievers.

He began to have a light fever.

He even fell down the stairs while all of us were still sleeping. I really got worried and asked our family friend, a pediatric doctor to advise him to go to the hospital.

That's when we rushed him to the ER. We are an the epicenter of the most congested place in Manila, and hospitals are in struggling with staff and supplies. It took 24hrs to finally get him admitted.

They have run tests and the current diagnoses is a brain abscess and cerebritis, but we must still rule out brain tumor and other conditions.

I pray for God's healing for Jhune, as this has affected his mental, physical, and vision. He is currently bedridden. He can recognize me, but has lapses in memory and is depressed as he realizes that he cannot provide for us as the head of the family while he is bedridden.


We need 20,000 Philippine peso (~$404.35 USD) every single day for 14 days to sustain his antibiotics.

(Kevin's note: This comes to a total of $5,670 USD, but I am setting a fundraising goal of $8,000 to give Clarisa breathing room as this total only covers antibiotics and hospital stay while testing still continues to identify the nature of Jhune's brain infection and injury)

We have exhausted our HMO limit, not including labs in just two days. The limit has been increased but I do not think it will be enough for the medications, tests, and doctor's fees.

I ask for your prayers for the following:

- Favorable result of MRI and CT scans
- Wisdom and guidance for the doctors
- Strength for me in all aspects, especially spiritually and physically as I have a slipped disc and scoliosis
- Protection from virus as we stay in the hospital
- Protection for the kids and my senior parents who came to take care of my children.

They are independently homeschooling themselves. I pray they will still continue to be responsible students while I am away caring for Jhune.

Please pray for us, as we are only living by faith to sustain us these days and do not know what the future will bring for us."


Clarisa is one of the hardest working and sweetest women I know, and has been helping me out at Epic Gardening for years.

The only reason I know this is going on with her, as she is usually quite private with her family life, is that she messaged me to apologize for working slowly this past week, and explained her husband's situation.

Think about that - while she is going through an incredible personal struggle, she didn't even think to ask for help or mention it in any way, only to apologize for not working. That's the kind of person she is.

I'm contributing $1,000 personally plus 100% of proceeds from sticker sales on my store, and will be pooling all of that + this GoFundMe to send to her in Manila ASAP.

Keep Growing,
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