Help Druidsfire and Thiefkitty Stay Afloat

Hi, I'm Jean, and most of you on social will know me as Druidsfire.  Most of my Twitch viewers are also familiar with Thiefkitty, my 15-year-old cat, and less familiar with the four kitties I rescued a couple of years ago from my back porch.  This fund is to keep us afloat for a little while longer until I get a job so I don't lose our home and my car (which I will need if I can't find a WFH job).

Like many, I've been struggling in the covid era.  I lost my job due to layoffs the week before covid went rampant nearly a year ago, so my applications when most of the 2020 covid hardship programs were still active were denied, and they said I was ineligible for unemployment because I hadn't worked there long enough to qualify.  I had some savings and had been living off that and a paid-off credit card while I tried to find a new, reasonably safe job since then.  At this point, those funds are gone, and the card is maxed out (thank you huge tax bill last year.)  A couple of dear friends helped as they could the past couple of months, but I'm now at a crisis point. I have a week's worth of food in the house for myself and Thiefy and the other kitties, and all the bills are past due in danger of shutoff in the next couple of weeks.  

I've applied to every assistance program I can find for my area and situation, but I'm still waiting to hear back on most of them.  The hardship program on my house's mortgage ends on March 1st. The job leads are going well, but even if I got hired today, I wouldn't see a paycheck for up to a month, and that will be too late. 

Here is the breakdown of what I'm asking for:

$400 - Get the bank account out of overdrawn status so I can start paying bills - this will also unlock my emergency card via the bank that still has a little money on it.
$400 - Food for a month and a half.  I literally have a week's worth of food in the house for myself and the cats and have been eating one meal a day plus a snack for the past month or so.

$250 - Water bill to current - their covid forgiveness program ended Sept 2020.
$300 - Electric/gas bill to current - waiting to hear from their hardship programs.
$75 - Internet bill to current - needed for job applications and interviews.
$250 - Phone bill to current - needed for job screening calls.

Needed if I don't get a WFH job or if I get approved to be a delivery driver:
$1000 - Car payment to current (includes late fees).
$250 - Car insurance - pay off most recent bill and restart coverage so I can legally drive.
$75 - Gas money.

$1000 - Make a 'good faith' payment against the mortgage in hopes I qualify for further forbearance under current government plans since the change in administration.

The first two items are needed immediately in the next week or two at the most. The rest can wait a little longer, but probably no more than a month, tops.

When I've had the means, I've done my best to help as I can with charity causes, with friends' similar fundraisers, and helping my community.  Now I am the one who needs help.  There is still hope, but I need time, and your assistance can help with that.  Even if you're unable to help financially - hey, I know it's rough for lots of people right now - maybe you know someone who can help?  Please share this on your social media if you feel comfortable doing so, and maybe some good will come of it.

Thank you for reading and considering this.  

Jean and Thiefkitty.


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