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Dr. Yang is a research scientist at the University Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic, he has been keen to develop highly efficient and comfortable PPEs to fight the Pandemic. He suggested, "always keep a layer of protection throughout the pandemic." He has developed hundreds of various prototypes to fight the Pandemic.  These include a portable respirator, nose cover, mouth cover, exhale collector, anti-fogging laminates, and so on. 

He found the PSC-SOLUTION LLC company in Mississippi to promote these inventions. To encourage the public to engage in his invention, Dr. Yang rent one business location for community reaching out and youth camp activities. 

Your generous support will help Dr. Yang purchase some necessary equipment, supplies, and pay partial rent and utility fees. 

The following are some learning, understanding, and thoughts of Dr. Yang throughout the Pandemic.

This spray bottle is also a covid fighting champion. Dr. Yang learned from Hattiesburg emergency response team (Big Thanks). You can put it in the pocket, purse to bring it anywhere. One bottle 500 sprays in a restaurant, grocery shop, gas station. Use it before service to protect yourself. Sanitize after the service to protect others. You become a true covid fighter.

Naturally, we all think that it is the business of medical professionals, scientists, first responders, public health professionals, presidents, governors, mayors to fight the Pandemic. It is true that they fight on the front lines. However, the pandemic is massively overwhelming the system. It literally needs each one of us to engage and to learn the skills and knowledge to fight. The pandemic has no boundary. It is in our community, in our neighborhood, and in us. We should learn to be good fighters to protect ourselves, our families, and others. Together, we work together to bring layers of protection.

"Throughout the Pandemic, we cannot stop our daily business and life, but whatever we do, we also keep consciousness that we are in the pandemic and always keep a layer of protection"

"We are in the team of millions to fight the pandemic. We art parts of the team. Every little light shines, every little effort counts, every positive encouragement lifts, every genuine help reaches, every kind thought leads, every excise builds, every friendship strengths, every little prayer responses, every little gift cherishes, every little smile lights, every little donation supports, every little learn grows., every little belief hope, every little hope joy, every little love reflects.

"The pandemic is global. The pandemic provides millions and trillions of job opportunities. Some paid financially, some paid with a sense of engagement, purpose, and joy" We believe that everyone has a unique way to help and fits perfectly in a position in the pandemic fight. The pandemic fight picture will not be fulfilled until we all do our part.  

Dr. Yang is not a person like risk. Many friends think all he has done is too risky: donate thousands to hospitals, purchase more than 15K on supplies, invested more than 30K with invention firms, spend 1500$/month on rent and another 1500$ on utility and other services.

However, Dr. Yang understands how big a fight we are facing. He is very thankful that he has a paid job. He is thankful that he has a house for refinancing. One time, Dr. Yang got very emotional with one friend who told him "people live in a house, but you don't know who it belongs to". Dr. Yang said, "I came to the United States with only one piece of luggage, I don't care that I leave the country with only one piece of luggage. For I never been mistreated in this country and the friends in this country brace me with kindness, love, and respect." Dr. Yang told his friends, "one direct reason he rent the facility is that it has a wall that he can put some signs to have a voice to promote fighting Covid together."

Dr. Yang always shared with family and friends, "think about it, after 10 to 20 years, if we still live, we look back this pandemic, we can tell our children that the pandemic was real and tough, millions lost life, people at 90 years old tell me that he never see this before. However, we gave a big fight, we invested in the fight, we supported the fight, we participated in the fight, we believed all our effort made a difference. We would not only say that it was bad, we got hurt, we got beat, we lost many so and so, but we would say we gave a good fight. That was what we did. Those were the stories of our fight, our team, our friendship, our tears, our sweat, and our victory. "

Dr. Yang wants to say "Thank you" to everyone who is engaging to fight the pandemic. Sometimes, you feel exhausted, feel frustrated, feel lonely, but keep up your great job. The harder the fight is, the joy and reward will be to deliver the victory. We believe that every positive effort will deliver a positive difference to contribute to ending the pandemic. The supports, the friendships, the answered prayers, the struggles, the dedications all make a life story. 

Dr. Yang wants to share with friends and families, "please don't drop your guard. Please don't fear also. Let's live our lives and conduct our business to support the family and others but with a layer of protection all the time. We will not drop all these helpful layers of protection. The more we keep up our guard, the fight will be easier and shorter. The virus does not rest, it keeps mutation, keeps passing from one person to another, from one family to another, from one country to another, we should also not rest our consciousness. When things getting better, we will not drop all the protection measures that bring us so far. If it works, let's continue to work on it until the complete victory, not only in our community, in our state, in our country, but throughout the world."

Through the pandemic, Dr. Yang also believes in and practice positive quotes. 

"Practice not to take personal"
"Be kind and walk one extra mile"
"Listen to understand, everybody's life is not easy"
"Keep up the good work"
"You have greatness in you"
"Jesus loves you. For he died for us so that we would not burden by the past but start as a new day and a new person."
"One positive thought or deed will for sure bear fruit"
"This little light, I will let it share"
"We are in the team of millions or trillions team to fight against the Pandemic. Every effort counts and will make a positive difference".
"In the pandemic, we are 100% employed, everybody has an opportunity to play an essential role."
"In the big picture of fighting the pandemic, everybody is a small puzzle and holds a position, if we don't play our roles, the picture will never complete."
"Don't judge a youth, or anybody, or any idea, invention by where they are, because they all grow"
"Cherish every family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or randomly encounters, for they are gifts from God"

Dr. Yang is also Martial art Practitioner in a style called Don JISTU RYU founded by Grandmaster Professor Don Jacob in 1970. He started his martial art journey in 2012 after sitting in his daughter's karate class for two years and tried to improve his own health under Sensei Chrissy. He obtained his first-degree black belt in 2014 in Trinidad & Tobago, the origin Country of DON JISTU RYU, under Sensei Nigel. He then obtained his third-degree black belt in Ucluelet, Canada, under Professor Jacob.

Dr. Yang started his martial art journey to improve his physical health. He pursued his first-degree black belt to enhance skill and understanding. He pursued his higher-level black belt degrees for a lifestyle and obligation to pass on the learning and knowledge to the youth. Since 2015, Dr. Yang began to teach in the Don JISTU RYU dojo at Hattiesburg, MS under the instruction of Prof. Jacob and teamed with San/Mr. Johanthan, San/Mrs. Lisa, San/Mr. Williams San/Dr. Harry, and San/Mr. Marq, San/Ms. Elisabeth, San/Ms. Lisa Yang, San/Ms. Helen.

It is a journey of fun, growth, learning, and struggling, but definitely rewarding. In the journey, you learn appreciation, respect, understanding, not taking personal, stay strong, persevere, most importantly believe in. 

Dr. Yang wants to say appreciation to the following family, friends, mentors, and brothers/sisters in Christ. 

Ms. Faye, Prof. Jacob, Prof. Wiggins, Mr./San Johnathan, my parents, and parents-in-law to trust in and believe in me.

My wife and my daughters stay with me in both tough and fun times.

My pastor Dawson, Ms. Joyce, Pastor Sam, Mrs. Lindy/Mr. Robert, Mrs. Kathy/Mr. Randy, Brother/Mr. Kris, Brother/Prof. Zhu, Brother/Prof. Sun, Brother/Prof. Wu, Brother Danny Li, Brother Fan for their love and show me the example.

Ms. Jody, Ms. Charlene, Mr. David Tullos, Mr. Watkins for all their friendship, teamwork, and kind caring.

Dr. Han Xu, Dr. Zhiyong Zhu, Dr. Qibo, Dr. Jian Zhou, Dr. Bun, Dr. Shanshan, Prof. Zhang for their reaching up and help in time of need.

Brother/Mr. Hong Tang, Pastor and Sister Liao, Brother Xiaxin Li, Brother Wenqing Jiang, and Sister Nancy to lead me to Christ and strengthen my belief. 

Ms. Jaqui, Ms. Laurence, Pastor Register, Brother/Pastor West, Brother Lloyd, Brother David West, Brother Jamie Hataway, Prof./Dr. Rawlins, Ms. Mary, Mrs. Virginia for all their love.

Thank you all my church members, my USM colleagues, my Purple Dragon dojo Shihan, Sensei and sans, all my friends through elementary, middle school, high school (Yucheng Yi Zhong), college (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), graduate schools (the University of Akron, the University of Southern Mississippi) both American and China, all my family members, all my students, and friends. I want to thank two great countries, both China and America. 

Thank Mr. Z to introduce me to this office location and introduce me to the ADP of the City of Hattiesburg. Thank Mr. Don and Ms. Rita in the small business association to help me with business operations. 

Thank you Ms. Linda and Mr. Robert to support me with the first 500$.
Thank you Mr. David Tullos to support me 60$.
Thank you Mr. Charlene to support me 30$ to purchase my portable spray bottle.
Thank you Mr. Danny/Mr. Fan/Ms. Kathy/Ms. Minqian to support purchasing 10 bottles of our portable spray bottle.
Thank you to an unknown friend of Walmart who give me 5$ to purchase a 2$ asking price portable spray bottle.
Thank you Prof. Wiggins to suggest I start PSC-SOLUTION LLC.
Thank you President Trump for the 1400$ stimulus check and the "invisible war" quote
Thank you President Biden for the 600$ and future 1400$ stimulus check and the "opportunity" quote
Thank you USM to provide me a job opportunity so that I can support my family and support all these developing activities.
Thank you Mr. Chris to help me successfully refinance my house so that I can pay the bills on PSC-SOLUTION.
Thank you San/Brother Johnathan, San/Mrs. Lisa, San/Brother William, Mr. Tullos, Mr. Watkins, Brother Fan, Mr. Kyle Liu to listen to my story and be supportive.
Thank Pastor Dawson, Pastor Sam, Mrs. Joyce, even not agree with what I am doing, but showing your love and caring.
Thank you Matthew to be my first wearer of the nose cover.
Thank you, Sister Faith, Tina to be supportive of trial the nose cover.
Thank you Zhenyu, Brother Scott, Paul, Pastor Sam, Sister Wen Su to be supportive to try the nose cover when eating a hot pot.
Thank you Dr. Zhou and your family to so supportive and try the nose cover.
Thank you, Nadia, Malyah to be supportive and try the nose cover. 
Thank you, Ms. Hall, Ms. Jamie for your kind and supportive words.

Dr. Yang wants to Memory: Mr. Frank, Mrs. Virginia, Mr. Hall, Ms. Sam's three family members who lost life in Covid. 

Dr. Yang also wants to thank you all who will support our work either by giving encouragement, volunteer time, financial supports and trust and purchase our products, or provide guidance, point to opportunities, come to visit us, bring students to our dojo, support our community reaching out activities, connect us to schools and other organizations. Wherever PSC-SOLUTION grows, you help to build a strong base and foundation. Dr. Yang also wants to invite you to a partnership with us so that we can achieve more for our community, our country, and our world. 


Jinhai Yang
Hattiesburg, MS

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