Help Dozer Get Treatment

Hello, my name is Bryce. I'm fundraising on behalf of my mother, Pam, and her 6 year old dog, Dozer.

Dozer is a very sweet boy whose medical bills are currently outside the score of what my Mom can afford, or what I can afford to help her with. I will of course be adding to whatever is raised, myself, but my wife and our dog and I are just making it as it is.

My mother is in rural Oregon, and is trying to get down to Bakersfield, CA where I live. If we can get Dozer treatment up in Oregon, he will have a chance of making it down here with her, where there are so many more resources for them both, and we can set him up with our dog on our Banfield wellness plan account, and he can be seen multiple times a year!

Hope is in sight for Dozer, but I need help getting him there!

Currently we don't know what sickness he is dealing with exactly, but he has suddenly developed a wobbly weakness and has small black spots in his stool, in addition to needing worm treatment, which requires first being tested for heartworm (otherwise the worm treatment is dangerous!). My mom got him treatment a couple years ago and is still working on paying that debt. Because of this, the vet will not see Dozer without full payment of nearly $400 and a $200 deposit on whatever care is required now. Any help via various organizations requires being able to first get him in to the vet and diagnosed. They won't help with bills already accrued, which means that this is our only hope of getting Dozer in to the vet any time soon.

On top of this, Dozer requires some rehab help, due to an abusive situation my Mom had to rescue him from when she had adopted him out as a puppy. She's been his mom ever since. He is a sweet boy, but gets stressed and refuses to do his business, things like that. My Mom needs Dozer, and he needs her. He is all that is left from her beloved dog, Shannanigans, who passed away about 4 years ago. Even if the prognosis ends up in the worst case, dealing with that will be much easier and less traumatic with the help of a vet, and certainty of what the alternative would be.

The minimum amount we have to have to get him seen is $600, but that assumes that his treatment isn't more than that $200 deposit would cover. More likely, even raising $1000 will leave us making payment arrangements and seeking further help from pet care relief organizations.

Please, anything you can do to help us will earn you our eternal gratitude, and Dozers eternal affection.

Any funds raised that end up not needed for his care right now will go to getting him preventative care and supplies, or else will be used to get him and my Mom down here where they can live healthier and happier lives, and getting Dozer set up at Banfield or another pet care service.

Thank you, from my whole family, for whatever you can do.


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Bryce Blake-Lobb 
Bakersfield, CA