Help Del Sol See New Horizons

Help Del Sol See New Horizons
Del Sol is a Yoga & Kung Fu Studio in Austin, TX, run by Claudia Castro and Thomas Leverett, that has been serving its community since 2007.  Teaching Yoga, Martial Arts, and Meditation to people of all ages, and passing on the tools of self-exploration, mindfulness and self-empowerment is their passion.  Although they started Del Sol almost 15 years ago, it really goes back much farther.
Claudia and Thomas landed on planet Earth exactly two weeks apart.  When they were 3 her family moved to Houston, TX fleeing the communist takeover of Nicaragua.  Since then they haven’t been farther than 3 miles apart.  First meeting in Kindergarten and then dating in 7th, 8th, 9th and finally 11th grade these two have been pretty much inseparable their entire lives.  Drawn together by their passions and fundamental love for people these two are like two sides of the same coin, and that coin is the love you feel when you come to Del Sol. 
Since their college days when they both discovered their arts: yoga, kung fu, meditation, and plant-based cooking they always had the dream of creating some sort of center that would be a hub for their community. Where they could share everything that they’d learned and continued to learn. 
Their goals were and have always been about becoming the best versions of themselves, so that they would be able to assist humanity in whatever way possible.  Knowing that in some way, together, they could help bring more light into a world that, then as it does now, most desperately needs it.  The idea was, if people could become whole If they could heal their minds, bodies, and souls, then they would naturally, as it is our true nature, turn to help heal and love those around them.   They knew if people could find inner and outer strength they would be emboldened to actualize their dreams. The world would become a better place…., as Bob Marley used to sing, “The sun is shinning, the weather is sweet” the sunlight of our collective energy would be shining and remake our communities, the weather would indeed be sweet.
Fast forward 20 plus years and the dream they saw was finally become a reality.  After spending the time in between training, teaching, and passing everything they had learned and continued to learn on to their community they decided to take the jump.  It was time to go for it. 
Upon their return from a trip to India where their decision to move forward was made on the banks of the Ganges, they started to look for a place to build their dream.  After a short time they found the perfect 10 acres to put it on, smack dab in the middle of the Texas Hill Country facing North looking over an expansive vista. They could see how the beauty of the land, when coupled with the desire to become more vibrant, self-empowered, conscious beings, people would come as if drawn by a magnet to like-minded souls. They had started in a backyard in 2006, opened the first 1000 sqft spot in 07’, out grew it and moved to their last 3,000 sqft space in 09’, and now about to open their own two studios on 10 acres that will be the home of a community event and retreat center.  The dream was manifesting.
They were on fire and the next two years was the journey of using their retirement and every cent and bit of leverage they had to make it a reality.  They were on target. It was going to happen.
THE BATTLE- COVID Knocks On All of Our Doors
They secured the property and began the process of permitting the plans necessary for the SBA, Small Business Administration, to give final approval.  Taking 18 months vs the assumed 6 they were dangerously close to losing it all number of times. The final approval came in May 2020. Covid had hit the US, everyone was on lockdown, and they had lost 75% of the business.  Luckily construction was starting and there would be no payments until May of 2021.  The Dream was still alive.
Everything seemed to move  in slow motion as they transitioned to online teaching and watched their numbers drop.  Fortunately, they still had some people that stayed on- doing classes on line, outside, in the early morning, in the evening, in the heat, in the cold, and even in the rain.  An Angel investor and the Angels that were showing up on the other side of those screens and in person pulled them back from the edge, and let them know that they were not alone, and that they were rooting for them.  Del Sol truly is a family of loving hearts.

Every cent of the design was put into the buildings themselves, so some things were going to have to be built out of pocket.  Many of these things simply had to go on the back burner once the pandemic hit.  Del Sol is reaching out to ask for help with these items listed below and for assistance making it through the first year as they rebuild after COVID 19.  The property and studios as well as the bright shining teachers that are waiting to get back at it are all asking for your help.  We know what a beacon and service the new Del Sol will become. The list below is in order of importance and there so it is known what the funds will be going to.  There are many may ways to show support and help out.  We hope you find one that resonates with you.  We love and appreciate all of you for taking the time to find out what we are all about, and for helping us shine our collective light into the future, with loving kindness- Del Sol
What we still need to raise money to finish
1.     Infra Red Heating and UV-C Disinfecting System- 25K
2.     Deck Behind Yoga Studio- 22k
3.     Deck behind Kung Fu School- 10k
4.     Signage- 2k
5.     Little Ninja Obstacle course- 3k
6.     Ninja Warrior Obstacle course 1.5k
7.     Funds to help get through the first year-?
8.     Roof for outdoor training beside kung fu school- 5k
9.     Outdoor kung fu equipment- 3k
10.  Landscaping
11.  Recording/ Streaming equipment for each Yoga Room- 2.4k
12.  Food Trailer- “Sol Food Kitchen- Plant Based- Love Infused” 22k
13.  Outdoor Sound system for outdoor yoga classes 2k

Thank you all so much for your support and generosity.
Donations are the life blood of this effort, and really help us along the way.  
Some people are making donations and some are buying packages.
If you would like to purchase one of the packages below, please email us and let us know at the time of your purchase so we can get you set up in our system:
 [email redacted]   
Big Love from us to YOU!

Del Sol Deals for the Fundraiser

Limited 10 Lifetime VIP memberships up for sale- 10K each
Purchase for yourself or a loved one A VIP membership that will last a lifetime.  This membership includes all classes, events, and workshops at Del Sol. It does not include Yoga Teacher Trainings or Retail.

One Year of Unlimited Yoga, - $1,000

One Year of Unlimited Yoga, plus free workshops, -$1,250

Two Months of Unlimited Yoga plus 1 Workshop- $500

Yogitoes towel with Del Sol Logo- $108

One Year of Unlimited Kung fu or Tai Chi & Qigong, for new students- $1500

Corporate Zoom Yoga Classes available, contact us at [email redacted] for info
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    • $100 
    • 6 d
  • Elena Vazquez 
    • $100 
    • 2 mos
  • Katherine Onken 
    • $300 
    • 4 mos
  • Sharon Smith 
    • $2,000 
    • 4 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $50 
    • 6 mos
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