Help Cynthia receive Brain Surgeries

Hello Cynthia Villeda is a dear friend of mine and is requiring brain surgeries in California. Cynthia was involved in a T-bone collision over 2 years ago along side her sons and suffered severe head and facial trauma. She has searched across Canada  for help from neurosurgeons, in some cases wait times are a few years and with some would not take the time to properly review Cynthia’s scans.
She was finally referred to Dr.Lim - neurosurgeon out of California. Dr. Lim is a specialized brain surgeon from Stanford Hospital which specializes in her condition. After reviewing her scans he was able to properly diagnose her with Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia known as the suicide disease. This happens when there is a compression by an artery or vein on the 5th cranial nerve and creating severe head and facial pain.
Dr.Lim will go to the brain and stop the compression by placing a Teflon pad in between the trigeminal nerve and artery.
Usually this occurs on one side of the brain but compressions showed on both sides, this happens less than 2% of patients with trigeminal neuralgia.  Anything involving movement of upper body causes an inflammatory response in face and brain. Her triggers are chewing, smiling talking, smiling, wind, crying, cold weather, brushing her teeth.
The left side of her face droops as a result of the muscle mass she has lost. In some patients they have flares weekly or monthly, In Cynthia’s case it’s a daily struggle and impacts everyday life. The anti seizure medication required to manage the condition causes her to have heart palpitations, become more disoriented, affects memory, and causes acid reflux and long term will effect her body. 
Dr Lim has suggested micro vascular decompression (brain surgery)on both sides that no surgeon in Canada has been able to suggest or offer. He is the best in his field and this surgery would yield the best outcome for Cynthia.
All she wants is to be able to go back to a normal way of living, to smile with her kids and eat and drink normally.
All proceeds will go directly towards the surgeries and travel expenses. We appreciate you in taking the time to read this and even sharing the post would be amazing help.
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